The United States Postal Service recently approved Robbinsville Township’s request to become the primary ZIP code for the 08691 area.

The township has been pushing for a unique ZIP code since 2008 and last filed an official request in 2015. The request was denied following a survey process that residents and officials deemed “flawed and confusing.”

The change does not affect Robbinsville residents with the 08690 or any other zip code designation.

“We’ve heard our residents loud and clear regarding their desire to have ‘Robbinsville 08691’ be their official postal designation,” Mayor Dave Fried said. “This is very good news and big step in the right direction. It may take some time for businesses to update their mailing lists purchased from the post office, but making Robbinsville the primary holder of 08691 was absolutely a battle worth fighting. I want to thank Congressman Chris Smith, Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo and Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin for their support.”

Negotiations with the South Jersey District of the USPS were revived in 2018, when the conversation shifted toward Robbinsville being named the “preferred city designation for the ZIP code 08691.” However, some Hamilton residents and businesses still fall under that ZIP code, which required the Hamilton Township administration approve the change.

The South Jersey District informed Rep. Smith’s office that Robbinsville’s request would be “processed upon receipt of a letter from the Mayor of Hamilton.” Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin submitted a letter to the USPS supporting Robbinsville as the new primary designate for 08691 earlier this year.

“Being a helpful neighbor, especially at no cost, is an easy thing to do,” Martin said. “Hamilton residents in the 08691 ZIP code should also receive the benefit of lower insurance costs due to the change. We congratulate Robbinsville on their successful journey and wish all the residents of 08691 well.”

Hamilton and Trenton will remain supplemental designations for 08691. The change may not be immediately fully implemented, including Robbinsville mail stamped “Trenton 08691” and/or “Hamilton 08691.”