The overnight curfews implemented in four Mercer County towns yesterday will be in effect again tonight.

The curfews will be in force until further notice in the City of Trenton and Lawrence Township. The decision will be made on a day-by-day basis by officials in Ewing and Hamilton townships, according to authorities.

The curfews, which are in effect between 7 p.m. through 6 a.m., were declared following an outbreak of violence and looting in Trenton and areas in the townships bordering the city on Sunday night and early Monday.

A statement released today by Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin through chief of staff Bianca Jerez stated: “While minor incidents occurred last evening, Hamilton Township will continue the regional curfew imposed yesterday in Trenton, Ewing and Lawrence.”

Lawrence Township municipal manager Ken Nerwinski discussed the curfew on Facebook, and stated that the curfew is in effect until further notice.

“There is no way to know when the protests and rioting will not pose a threat to our community,” he said. “We understand this is some pretty significant restrictions on personal liberties—especially now—so as soon as we can, the curfew will be lifted.”

Nerwinski said that incidents had occurred within the township in his initial Facebook post on Monday.

“Our police department has been responding to threats of property damage and looting within our borders, and most particularly at the Quakerbridge Mall,” he said. “Mayor (jJim) Kownacki and the mayors of surrounding communities have determined that this curfew is necessary to protect the residents, business owners and visitors to the their communities while these protest persist.”

He added: “Violence and looting is never justified, and this curfew is established to protect you from those who intend to harm instead of peacefully protest.”

Closed while the curfew is in effect are all parks, public areas and businesses, including ones that have been deemed essential during the COVID-19 crisi by Gov. Phil Murphy.

All residents are must shelter in place in their residence. Exempted are those reporting to or from, or performing their essential job as limited to government officials or employees conducting their official duties, health care workers, and law enforcement or emergency personnel.

Also exempt are: people seeking medical attention, essential social services or assistance from law enforcement or emergency services; and those traveling because of a reasonable fear for their health or safety.