“Thing” and “23 Stellated Octohedrons” on display at the Lawrence Headquarters Branch on the Mercer County Library System during the 2019 TrashedArt Contest.

The Mercer County Library System will be holding an online event next week to announce the winners of its 11th Annual TrashedArt contest.

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, this year’s contest was held virtually through the MCLS’ website. The contest celebrated Earth Day by encouraging patrons to turn ordinary trash into extraordinary art.

The MCLS will be hosting a Virtual TrashedArt Reception to honor the participants of the contest on the MCLS’ Facebook page at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 21. Winners will be announced in both adult and student categories.

First, second and third place winners will be determined based on the number of votes each piece received from the public who voted on the MCLS’ website. Each winner will receive a certificate of achievement for the first ever TrashedArt Virtual Contest.

“The Virtual TrashedArt Reception is a great opportunity for artists to meet virtually and share stories with one another about their artistic process, their inspirations and their hopes for the future,” an MCLS news release said.

Once the winners have been announced, TrashedArt 2020 Virtual Contest artists will have the opportunity to discuss with the public and fellow artists interesting topics like techniques used in plarning and origami.

“The Virtual TrashedArt Reception will be a great opportunity to connect artists with those who love art in the Mercer County community,” the release said.

Some examples of recycled content allowed to be used in the contest included metals, paper, rubber, glass, plastic and cloth. The criteria for recycled materials were anything that has been manufactured and would have otherwise been thrown away.

For the purposes of this contest, natural materials such as rocks, dirt, bones and sticks were not considered recycled. Nonrecyclable materials such as glue, paint and tape were permitted.

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