The state health department reports that 101 people in Mercer have died from coronavirus-related causes as of today. This makes Mercer the 11th of 21 counties in New Jersey to reach that mark.

Hamilton also disclosed today on its website that 463 people have tested positive for Covid-19, and 29 have died from Covid-19-related causes.

Among Mercer County towns that have disclosed mortality figures, West Windsor has had 7 deaths, Princeton 3 and Lawrence 3. Trenton has also reported 7 deaths attributed to Covid-19 as of yesterday, while stating that 538 people have tested positive.

The state reports that overall, 2,123 Mercer County residents have tested positive for coronavirus, an increase of 86 since yesterday.

According to the state, just 143,450 New Jerseyans have been tested for the virus. The state has an estimated population of 8,822,190, which is to say, just 1.6% of all residents have even been tested.

The county reports slightly different numbers for its 12 municipalities. Mercer reports 488 cases in Trenton as of yesterday, along with 380 in Hamilton, 322 in East Windsor and Hightstown, and 193 in Ewing. For all the most recent totals, see the chart below.

Brian Hughes, Mercer County executive, sent out his weekly statement today. He wrote:

“The coronavirus has been part of our lives for more than six weeks, and the governor’s stay-at-home order has been in place for a month. And now we know that public schools will remain closed until at least the middle of May.

“Everyone is feeling the effects of having their lives disrupted so severely, none more so than the loved ones of the 101 Mercer County residents who have passed away due to Covid-19. To all of them, I offer my heartfelt condolences, and to those fighting the disease, I wish you a fast and full recovery.

“The grind that this public health crisis has become makes it difficult to be as disciplined as we need to be: to stay home, to practice social distancing when we must go out, to wash our hands and cover our coughs and not touch our faces. Although we all have real concerns about the pandemic’s economic toll, health experts agree that the way to flatten the curve of the virus is to stay the course until restrictions can safely be eased. Our community has shown the resolve to get this far, and I know we have the resolve to keep going.”

Covid-19 positive test results as of April 15, 2020. Source: Mercer County.

4/13/20 4/14/20 4/15/20
Trenton 401 447 488
Hamilton 333 357 380
East Windsor 251 258 265
Ewing 169 191 193
West Windsor 87 88 90
Lawrence 69 78 82
Princeton 60 58 61
Hightstown 46 53 57
Robbinsville 44 46 46
Hopewell Township 45 44 46
Pennington 4 4 3
Hopewell Borough 2 3 3