Alex Everman was one of the top scorers in the Colonial Valley Conference last year,

Watching how hard Alex Everman plays on the lacrosse field, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is just as aggressive off the field when it comes to planning his future.

Everman was one of the top scorers in the Colonial Valley Conference last year and will be right back among the leaders this year if the season is not cancelled due to the coronavirus. And while losing his senior year would be a bummer, the Lawrence High School senior has plenty of other things to keep him busy.

“Two years ago he decided college lacrosse wasn’t his thing,” Cardinals coach Dan Brennan said. “He’s got aspirations to go to business school. He likes high school lacrosse, but he doesn’t want to take it to the next level.”

With a 3.98 grade point average, his next level plans are to attend the Kelly School of Business at Indiana University, and seek a career in finance and investment banking.

He already has a head start in the field.

“I’ve always been interested in business, I’ve had my own landscaping business for the past four years,” Everman said. “It’s going good. Basically in the spring, summer and fall I mow, weed whack, and through the year I do seasonal clean-ups, snow removal, mulching.”

He added, proudly, “It’s just a one-man operation, but I basically now have two of the bigger neighborhoods in town.”

When he’s not doing that on weekends, he spends summer months working 70 hours per week on his uncle’s sod farm in South Jersey. He works at a Christmas tree farm around the holidays.

“Between those three jobs, I’ve been able to make a decent amount of money that gives me spending money and will pay for a decent amount of college,” Everman said. “I also invest. I don’t do any short term aggressive kind of stuff. It’s all long-term stuff and it’s cool to see it grow.”

Everman is getting practice for his future as a member of Lawrence High’s DECA business club and Model United Nations club. He recently returned from a trip that started in Atlantic City and ended in New York.

In Atlantic City with DECA, he was presented with a prompt that provides an issue on how to market a product or service, and then had to present a plan on how to do it. In New York for Model UN, he was made a delegate and assigned a country, then had to speak on that country’s point of view for world issues.

Despite all that, Everman still finds time to be an explosive scorer for the Cardinals along with senior teammate Justin Krisak. Last year, Everman collected 56 goals and 40 assists, giving him a career total of 97 and 63. Last year, he and Krisak combined for 126 goals and 74 assists. A year earlier they amassed 64 and 43.

“They’ve been playing together since they were kids,” Brennan said. “We got them started on the varsity level as quick as possible. Justin started varsity freshman year, we actually had Alex at midfield and then we said ‘Let’s stick him down at attack and get these guys working together for three years,’ and it’s worked out.”

Everman began playing lacrosse in fifth grade, while Krisak had already been playing for a few years.

“We were good friends when I started so he helped me out, showed me the basics,” Everman said. “I had been playing baseball, and I played both sports in fifth grade. Once sixth grade came around I decided I wanted to play lacrosse and not baseball.”

He and Krisak have been together throughout travel and high school lacrosse, but did not play on the same attack line together until their sophomore year. Everman played predominantly midfield until the end of his freshman year, when he scored five goals in the final two games after moving to attack.

From there, his chemistry with Krisak became quickly apparent.

“We really got to know our tendencies as players,” Everman said. “We kind of have a sixth sense as to who’s gonna do what, when we’re gonna do it, where we’re gonna do it. He definitely knows what I’m gonna do and I know exactly what he’s gonna do. That helps us out a lot.”

Brennan shakes his head in admiration at the two, saying, “They just know how to find each other. They’re like telepathic, they just connect. They just have that chemistry where they know where they’re gonna be. We had to keep them together as much as possible.”

They are part of large senior class that has Brennan optimistic, along with attackman Tucker Simpson and defenders Andrew Tziarris-Over (who will play college lacrosse at McDaniel), Mike Kemo, George Stoev and Ryan Sargent. Junior Dylan Morris returns in goal. Midfielders Grayson Dalton, Art Stubbs, Jack Yamniuk, Luke Bidle and Jude Bidle will see time at midfield.

Lawrence is coming off a 10-9 season in which it went 8-0 to win the CVC Valley Division title.

“I think this will be our strongest year,” Everman said. “We have a lot of young talent we’re looking to groom into really good players, and a lot of juniors and seniors returning.”

Everman is one of those key returnees. Brennan considers Alex the offensive quarterback, noting how he has a way of guiding each player to where they should be.

“He’s a good initiator,” the coach said. “He can get open off a dodge and a draw slot and move the ball and find Justin and Tuck (Tucker Simpson) back there. That’s kind of his thing. And he’s smooth with both hands. He’s really smooth.”

Everman agreed with his coach’s assessment.

“I think I’m able to see the field, see guys cutting across the crease, feeding attackmen on the side of the goal,” he said. “I usually score in close, catching and dodging a guy. But mostly what makes me effective is being able to see the field and see what’s gonna happen next. Instead of reacting, I try to make things happen and be an initiator.”

He makes things happen all right. Both on and off the field.