A New Jersey State Trooper and 31-year resident of Hamilton helped deliver a baby for a couple in distress who flagged down the officer when they realized they weren’t going to make it to a hospital in time.

Trooper Scott Whitehead, now a Bordentown resident of three years, had only been on the force less than a year when he took on this challenge on March 12 while on patrol in Bridgeton City, Cumberland County. Whitehead joined the state police in July 2019.

“It was shocking at the moment,” Whitehead said. “We’re trained properly…to take on anything that we can the best way we can.”

The man saw the trooper’s car and pulled over to request help with his wife who was in labor in the vehicle. In a March 19 New Jersey State Police Facebook post commending Whitehead’s actions, bodycam footage was shared of the trooper on scene and then later audio of the newborn crying.

Whitehead handled the situation calmly and professionally, as shown in the video. He immediately called dispatch, shared his location, grabbed gloves and went to the car where he helped the mother give birth to her baby boy.

The baby came fairly quickly, said Whitehead, who fortunately had the experience of the birth of his now one-year-old daughter which helped him through the situation along with his training.

EMS arrived on the scene shortly after the birth and transported the mother and child to a local hospital. Whitehead later called the hospital and heard that both were happy, healthy and doing well. He shared that he intends to check up with the family again soon.

The State Police post was later shared on Facebook by many, including Yardville restaurant, Villaggio Iccara, which stated, “So proud to call him family! Amazing work, Scott!”

Whitehead worked in every position at Iccara from the age of 14 until he was 33. He left to enroll in the police academy in January 2019.

New Jersey State Trooper Scott Whitehead, a Hamilton native, helped deliver a baby on March 12 while on patrol.

Whitehead, 34, was born and raised in Hamilton. He attended schools in town, from Yardville Elementary to graduating in 2004 from Steinert High School. His is married to his wife, Alicia.

He started the long process of becoming a state trooper about three years ago, when he first applied. “It’s funny, so over probably about the past 5 years it’s been something that I’ve been striving to do,” Whitehead said.

He is stationed in Troop A of the State Police which covers South Jersey counties including, Atlantic, Cumberland, Camden and Gloucester. After the long road to his current position and an exciting first-time experience on patrol, Whitehead said he intends to be in police work for his career.