I had not been by the Trolley Line Trail in over six months, but recently attempted to bike the trail. (This trail begins at the north end of Rabbit Hill Road, passes through West Windsor Community Park, across Route 571 and ends at Penn-Lyle Road.)

I was surprised to see a major replacement project of the existing power lines with new alien looking towers, which are massive in size compared to the existing towers.

The cost of this upgrade must be very significant, as they even had to build a complicated road along the trail.

I can’t help but think that a better approach would have been to dig a trench and bury the cables.

These large power-line structures really detract from the beauty of the trail and everywhere they are erected in West Windsor. I think the over-all positive effects of the aesthetics on our area would be greatly enhanced if these lines were underground.

With modern materials and technology putting these cables underground should be very feasible.

In some ways this project is hidden in plain sight, but West Windsor residents should be aware of this very large and expensive project and might want to demand that PSE&G take another approach before they get any further.

Dean Ellison

West Windsor