I can truly say that when I took the oath to serve this township I had no idea what lay ahead and what an important job this would be. And now, at the end of my term, I am humbled by how lucky I was to have had this opportunity. It has been my pleasure to advocate for issues that directly affect our township and our residents, and above all, to fulfill my role as a check and balance in our form of government.

I am particularly thankful to everyone who has guided me, provided constructive advice and encouragement, and helped me understand the issues that I was addressing as a councilperson.

I recall a particular conversation with a friend who cautioned me to remember that I am on camera and should try and keep my facial expressions more neutral. I also loved watching our township attorney cringe when I occasionally used some colorful language.

I have a tremendous respect for our career employees who serve this town with professionalism and expertise, and for the residents who volunteer their time serving on our township’s boards and commissions. Without their efforts, West Windsor would look like a very different place.

My greatest thanks goes to Paul Pitluk and Marvin Gardner, who gave me a chance, believed in me and have been a wealth of information about this township, its history (and its politics). Both have shown me great kindness, honestly and have set the bar high for how best to serve this town.

I ask that you get involved, check out council agendas on the township website, ask questions and share your ideas. I can promise you that volunteering for this town will be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you will ever have.

Ayesha Hamilton

Hamilton is a former member of West Windsor whose term ended on Dec. 31.