Dr. Kathryn Cullen

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton hospitalist program director Kathryn Cullen answers readers’ questions about hospital visits.

What happens if I am admitted to the hospital “after hours?”

When you’re admitted into the hospital, your care needs don’t stop at 5 p.m. That’s why Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Hamilton created a 24-hour hospitalist program. Our hospitalists are on-site, responding to patient needs in real time.

Who is part of the hospitalist team?

Our hospitalists are a team of eight physicians and four nurse practitioners.

How do the hospitalists help me?

The advantage is that hospitalists are at RWJUH Hamilton 24/7—and not just for emergencies. In addition to consulting with nurses and other physicians in emergency situations, hospitalists provide timely service to patients on routine matters. For example, test results and consultation recommendations can be managed in real time when there is a provider in-house all the time.

How will my doctor find out how I am doing each day or after discharge?

The hospitalists at RWJUH Hamilton have developed relationships with area primary care physicians, keeping them constantly informed about the status of their patients at the hospital. This results in high-quality care and an excellent patient experience.

Dr. Kathryn Cullen is the director of the hospitalist program at RWJUH Hamilton. More information about RWJUH Hamilton is online.