Our youngest son got married in October. If you’ve been following my column, you’ll remember that earlier in the year I had been in panic mode about finding a gown and shoes, and I was also worried about my hair and makeup. In short, I did not want to disgrace Donnie and his new bride Michelle at their wedding by looking like a hag.

Well, I found a gown. I dragged my long-suffering husband George to a bridal shop one afternoon in February. We selected a bunch of gowns that didn’t look too terrible. On the hangers.

The salesperson, seeing what we had chosen, grabbed a gown and said, “Just try this one on.” So I did, moaning all the while that it wasn’t going to look good on me, that it was going to make me look like a cross between an NFL linebacker and a Las Vegas showgirl.

Well, lo and behold! This gown was beautiful on me. Yeah, I said it. Not sorry. It gave me curves that I don’t really have while hiding my slightly(!) protruding belly.

It showcased my shoulders (I mean, really. Who has bad-looking shoulders? No one, that’s who) and was actually quite comfortable. It came in navy blue, the color I planned on wearing.

I tried on the rest of the gowns that George and I had picked out and none of them, and I mean none of them, looked as good as the first one.

So I bought it. First shopping excursion and I found my dream gown. Who knew? I also bought jewelry and a glittery comb for my hair.

I sent a picture of my gown to my hairdresser Amy, owner/operator at Salon Forza in Ewing. She immediately had a vision of what updo would look good with the gown.

Plus my friends Kim and Pam and my sister Kim also had visions of how my hair needed to look. Thank God, because I don’t do hair. I usually just blow it dry and let it do what it feels like doing.

I do slam it into a ponytail or bun on occasion (when it needs washing and I’m too lazy to do so). It’s funny, because my friend Kim is also a client of Amy’s and I think between the two of them, they decided what updo I would get done, way before I was even thinking about my hair.

Now I had to find shoes. I looked online at every shoe store known to man. I needed a low heeled sandal in a wide width. With gold accents or some kind of gold on them. To match my jewelry. I found a ton of silver sandals that checked all the boxes but I needed gold. I finally found them online at DSW.

The day before the wedding, I was getting all my stuff together for the wedding. I took the shoes out of the box and just for fun, decided to see how well they went with my necklace, earrings and comb, which I hadn’t seen since the day I bought them.

Well, guess what? My jewelry was silver. NOT gold. Images of all the lovely silver sandals I saw over the past several months danced through my shocked brain.

I took a deep breath and decided that if anyone was looking that closely at the mother of the groom to notice that her shoes and jewelry didn’t match, then chances were good that he/she needed to be escorted out of the wedding quickly because he/she was creepy.

For the first time in a long time, I felt like I looked pretty darn good at the wedding. Amy did a beautiful job on my hair, my makeup was professionally done, and the gown and jewelry were perfect.

I even had false eyelashes on! A definite first for me. I feel like all I did was smile that day. Because I looked nice! And other reasons, of course. There was, after all, a lot to smile about that day!

I promise to write about the wedding itself in another column. I could actually write a year’s worth of columns about that perfect wedding but I won’t. Maybe.

Ilene Black has been a resident of Ewing for most of her life. She and her husband, George, have two sons, Georgie and Donnie.