Since the approval of our facilities referendum in September 2017, work has been done on all of the district’s schools to address safety, security and critical infrastructure needs. Approximately 60% of the referendum work was scheduled to be completed across the district by the end of November.

During the summer of 2019, interior doors and new locks were installed at Hamilton High West, Grice, Reynolds, Greenwood, Klocker Kuser, Sayen, Yardville Heights, Langtree, and HEP. Klockner received new windows this summer and that work has been completed. At High School West, Reynolds and Robinson, the installation of replacement windows continues with completion estimated to be in the next few weeks. Sayen received a new drop ceiling in the entire building and a security vestibule. Reynolds received a new security vestibule and Robinson will have its vestibule installed in the next few weeks. Greenwood windows and masonry work will continue throughout the school year. At Nottingham, a two-year project on all the steam piping was completed at the end of the summer. In addition, schools across the district have received other security upgrades.

The remaining 40% of work will be completed over the next two years with additional window and interior door installations, ceiling replacements, security upgrades, masonry work, and other referendum approved items. As these projects progress, you can see pictures of the work being done on our district’s website through a Google TourBuilder. Access the TourBuilder link on our website ( This site is updated regularly with the progress of the referendum, as projects are completed.

Due to the commitment of the Board of Education this year, the Hamilton Township School District has brought back middle school sports at our three middle schools. The middle school administration has worked collaboratively with our district athletic directors to design and develop a three-season offering for students. In the fall, there were upwards of 200 middle school students participating in track and field.

As the fall season ends in the next few weeks, planning has been underway for the winter season, in which we will be offering volleyball at our middle schools. Soon discussions will take place to identify a spring sport for the students. As this year progresses, we will continue to work as a team to assess our offerings, our participation rates, and our future possibilities. As a district, we are proud of this initiative and thank our Board of Education for their support and leadership.