John Ryan was selected to fill David Maffei’s unexpired term through Dec. 31.

Councilman-elect John Ryan is getting to sit on Lawrence Township Council a few weeks early.

Ryan been chosen to fill the spot on council vacated by David Maffei last month. Maffei, a Democrat who opted to not run for reelection this year, resigned from council effective Oct. 24. He did not state a reason.

Ryan, who was elected to a four-year term on council on Nov. 5, will fill the remaining days of Maffei’s seat through Dec. 31. He will then be sworn into his own term at the beginning of January.

The Lawrence Township Democratic Committee recommended Ryan to be Maffei’s replacement. Mayor Christopher Bobbitt, councilman Jim Kownacki and councilman Michael Powers unanimously voted to appoint him on Nov. 8. Councilwoman Cathleen Lewis was not at the meeting.