Vote Ho and McKeown for School Board

I’m writing in support of re-electing Louisa Ho for the WW-P Board of Education this November. I think of Louisa as a voice of reason and collaboration, and her commitment to serving youth has inspired me since I met her over 16 years ago.

Getting to know Louisa through our young sons’ friendship, I watched her let go of her career at N.J. Transit to focus more on her family and Girl Scouts leadership. She is a true community servant. Over the years, she invited her friends to join her in volunteerism, whether it was collecting and stuffing school backpacks for disadvantaged kids or helping to run a Founder’s Day booth in Plainsboro.

With a Master’s from MIT, and a background in management, Louisa is one of those smart, compassionate and engaged moms you want advocating on behalf of your youth. Her running mate, Graelynn McKeown is also very tuned to the students of this district, as her two children are current students (Louisa’s kids are now in graduate school). Together, they make an excellent team for keeping an eye on the concerns of our community’s students.

Cynthia Yoder

West Windsor

Vote Herts for School Board

Whether you’re an empty nester, young parent, or a private school parent, the quality of the school district is still important to any resident. As a parent of a young child, I was curious why other neighboring townships were using a specific curriculum and not West Windsor’s. 

Last year I approached Carol to discuss the kindergarten curriculum. She was open to hearing my thoughts and reading studies on a curriculum used in other neighboring towns. She was the most approachable and helpful school board member. 

Carol is not afraid to ask questions in public meetings to get the administration to explain to the community what is happening within the schools. She is incredibly thorough and reads over the board meetings proposals (especially curriculum changes) before the board meetings. Her questions challenge and improve the administration and school board for the better. 

Lisa Wolfe

West Windsor

* * *

Serving on the WW-P school board for nearly three years, Carol Herts has proved to be the true voice of the community. Let’s re-elect her for second term on Nov. 5.

The School Board provides support to the administration and serves as a watchdog, not the rubber stamp on school policies. That mandate requires vision, diligence and integrity from each of its nine board members. Carol Herts has all.

Mrs. Herts studies the curriculum. She read all the new textbooks when they got changed. (Has anyone else done that?) She questions the budget details and advocates for responsible spending. She understands what she is voting for before she votes on any school issues.

Mrs. Herts rejects poisonous cliques, special interest and foul politics in the schools and within the school board. She reaches out and listens to students, parents and residents. She speaks the truth.

Mrs. Herts speaks out loud on allocating more school resources and getting professional services to help on students mental health. She defends the tradition of excellence of our schools where teachers really teach and students really learn (so that after school tutoring is a luxury option, not a necessity, so that students are less struggling and stressful in and out of school when their learning needs are already met in classrooms, which is supposed to be).

Mike Jia

West Windsor

* * *

Carol Herts has been a long time resident of West Windsor and served on the school board admirably. She cares for quality of education and served as an independent set of eyes on the School Board.

She strives for transparency in decision making and asks questions in Board meetings for parents and taxpayers to increase openness. On the behalf of all of us she cares about accountability and asks for pubic reports on various initiatives taken by the WW-P School District and their results.

She serves on the curriculum committee and is quite thorough in reviewing details of all curriculum, textbook, policy and program changes. She believes in due diligence and studies budgets and spending details.

As a member of the Board, she works hard to ensure students have a quality education, and opportunities for extracurriculars that suit their passions. She pushes for taxpayer’s money to be utilized efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of students, parents and taxpayers.

Prabhat Tomar

West Windsor


I have known Carol Herts for about 5 years, and she is a great School Board member that we can fully trust. She cares deeply about our children and their education in WW-P.  Carol is always willing to listen to parents on how to improve our children’s education. She takes our ideas, researches them, and raises them with the administration in committee meetings, so the public can hear explanations.

We need Carol Herts on the school board because she challenges the administration to be better and improve for the good of the community. Carol wants to maintain excellence in our schools, and is very careful with her votes, trying to do what is best for students, parents and taxpayers. Carol Herts has my vote because she upholds our values and truly represents us.

Suzanne Huang

West Windsor

Vote Zhong for School Board 

Yu “Taylor” Zhong has decided to run for re-election for the WW-P Board of Education. This is a great news for this community! He has my vote. 

Mr. Zhong is highly respected in the community not only for his great job on WW-P School Board since 2013, but also for his service outside the board. Humble and genuine, he is always ready to listen to and help others. 

He makes every effort to keep parents, students and residents informed of what Is going on in the schools and community. He makes sure everyone’s suggestions or concerns are heard by the School Board. Five years ago I moved to this district and encountered numerous questions. Mr. Zhong has always been kind and patient to answer my questions and trying to find solutions for me and my family. The community needs his continued service on School Board. 

Youyi Peng


* * *

I will vote for Yu Zhong because he came to my house and explained his ideas.

Jane Feng


* * *

Yu “Taylor” Zhong is a popular member of the Chinese Community in the West Windsor-Plainsboro School District. Each time there is an event in schools, such as a snow day, late opening, or late New Jersey Transit, Mr. Zhong always sends a reminder to all of us in the Chinese community. 

Many weekends he spent personal time to discuss issues. I believe he will continue doing well in the position if he can continue as school board member.

Yujin Liu