In the interest of openness and transparency, I believe that WW-P Board of Education committee meetings should be open to the public. They are not now because of a policy. West Windsor Council allows the public in their committee meetings, and there is no reason that WW-P cannot do the same. 

I was a Brownie Girl Scout camping leader, and a Cub Scout Leader. As a kid, I attended public schools and played the flute and oboe, and piccolo in the marching band. At Brown University, I studied math and political science, played the oboe and English horn in the orchestra and worked in food services.

We all moved here for the high-quality schools, and WW-P schools are a significant part of our community. We must maintain that high quality, for the benefit of our children, our property values, and the community that we love, as efficiently as possible.

I’m often talking to parents to discuss ideas for improving the schools. I understand that taxes are too high for many people, and that spending has to be held down in areas that do not affect students. 

The schools are for our children, and all of them should have opportunities that fit their abilities, interests and needs. Students also need guidance counselors to help them find the right balance of classes and activities, so that they can enjoy school without excessive stress. 

The concerns and input of students, parents, teachers and taxpayers must be incorporated into major decisions. The administration should follow the community’s priorities, and provide excellent education, activities and opportunities for all students in line with the community’s objectives.

In the 1980s, the state Department of Education released a study: “Schools do matter, and those that did the most effective job stressed daily homework, had high expectations of students, and held them to rigorous standards of accountability.” 

The WW-P school system should operate transparently to provide all students with the high quality, cost-effective education that our community desires and the opportunities students need to thrive in a supportive environment.

Carol Herts

Herts holds a West Windsor seat on the School Board and is running for reelection.