Cullen Hosszu-Barrett and Sgt. Nathan Roohr of the Bordentown Township Police with Hosszu-Barrett’s lost necklace, which Roohr helped to find at Bordentown Regional Middle School.

A happy ending for a local family last week when a Bordentown policeman helped a local boy find his lost necklace.

Cullen Hosszu-Barrett, 8, had been at Bordentown Area Basketball League tryouts at Bordentown Regional Middle School when he lost the necklace without realizing it. Later he returned to the school with his mother, Aleah Hosszu, to try to find it. Searching in the dark, they had no success.

In stepped Sgt. Nathan Roohr of the Bordentown Township Police Department, who saw the pair while on patrol and inquired about their predicament. They explained what had happened and Roohr offered to help.

Not long after, Roohr spotted the missing jewelry on the sidewalk.

“Cullen was ecstatic and we were so thankful for Sgt. Roohr’s assistance,” Hosszu said.

Roohr is the K9 Unit Supervisor for the BTPD. Hosszu-Barrett’s father is P. J. Barrett.