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Learn why 3D printing is the shape of things to come. Develop a phone app or design a website. Explore the amazing world of cells. Fly high in RC Airplanes of your very own design. Banish stereotypes with “Girls Who Code” classes. Join a robotics competition team, make an animated film, study physics. Channel your creative side with classes in puppet making, pottery, sculpture and cooking.

It’s all happening at the Steam Works Studio in Princeton Forestall Village where kids from Grades K-12 explore the key disciplines of STEM Education – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The Arts are an important addition to the sophisticated and far-reaching scientific curriculum, encouraging creativity and independent thought.

“We’ve broadened the STEM concept to include the creative element, which is essential to the learning process,” says Center Director Kat Kehoe. Steam Works Studio’s ground-breaking curriculum is designed not only to develop technical skills but to encourage students to think critically, solve problems and collaborate effectively. The importance of the arts infuses the entire curriculum, generating innovation, out-of-the-box thinking and just plain fun.

“We believe students of any age learn best by doing,” Ms. Kehoe affirms. Age five is considered the right time for children to begin their explorations in science and classes and workshops are offered for kids right through the 12th grade.

Courses are designed and taught by expert instructors and the Steam Works Studio draws on the exceptional academic, scientific and artistic resources of the Princeton area. Twenty popular courses serve a number of purposes, depending on the needs of the child. They are excellent as an after-school program for individual children, advanced studies in math and other disciplines, as a launch pad for special school projects and for students who are planning to enter key scientific competitions such as the VEX Robotics Competitions or LEGO JrFLL or FLL and Mathematics Olympiads.

The small class size (no more than10 students), hands-on instruction and individual attention by tech-savvy, fun-loving instructors provide a progressive and enjoyable learning experience. Each child’s progress and individual needs are assessed every step of the way and all students have a shareable file that shows what they’ve learned and achieved. A Certificate Program creates incentives and encourages children to push their creative envelope.

The staff works closely with area schools to provide after-school enrichment programs in the arts and sciences. Teams working on a particular project often use the studio’s highly sophisticated technical facilities.

The studio recently completed its successful summer camp program, offering dozens of courses in science and art for children four-six and in grades one – eight. Outdoor activities include volley ball, soccer, frisbee and more.

A growing international franchise, the Princeton studio is Steam Works Studio’s headquarters in New Jersey.

Prospective students and their parents are invited to visit the Princeton facility at 135 Village Blvd, Princeton, NJ 08540, to experience some of the programs and talk with instructors. To make an appointment, call 844-265-9880 or e-mail info@steamworksstudio.com.