I am writing in support of Sonia Gawas and her team of Community Leaders for West Windsor, Mike Stevens and Andrea Mandel.

I know Sonia and her family for the last 7 years I have been in this town. Her non-partisan style of straight talking and fast-acting leadership is what West Windsor needs. I have known Sonia as the mother of two young children, a small business owner, president of the PTA, a fellow tae kwon do mom and a community volunteer. In each of the roles, she has presented nothing but openness, willingness to roll her sleeves up and get to work and an ability to get things done.

I have always found her fair minded, hard working and very thoughtful in her decision-making. She is attentive and dedicated to doing what is right—representing everyone’s interest and at the same time move things along.

During the years that Sonia held a position as the Maurice Hawk PTA, I met with her many times. We discussed issues affecting our children’s education, the school infrastructure and ones related to the school district as a whole. Sonia was always willing to listen to any viewpoint, was considerate when making decisions, and was always dedicated to an outcome that was right for the school.

It is not easy being a volunteer yourself—coordinating and bringing together other volunteers to accomplish what is right for the school, its students and the teachers. She has consistently been able to do those things. Again, she gets things done and no one left behind in the process.

I can perhaps speculate that her upbringing from an army background in India and the experiences of being a spouse of someone killed in 9-11 has a lot to do with her attitude of being able to put other people first, see the big picture and be willing to get things done.

She along with her husband Ram, have for years, been the neighborhood hosts for a variety of gatherings and that speaks to the way they have easily and thoughtfully integrated with the community and more than that enrich their surroundings.

Her never say never attitude is also infectious in her small business and other community efforts she does to bring women together and empower them.

This is what our community needs at this moment, as we grapple with growing and scaling up pains.

Priya Venkataraman

West Windsor

* * *

Many young professionals move to West Windsor because our school district always scored high ratings among the New Jersey Schools.

I am very concerned about the impact of the planned development of residential units in our town on the capacity of our schools. Although the council has taken steps to increase capacity for some of the schools in our township, it will require recruiting additional teachers and consequently higher taxes on residents.

Among the candidates for the three vacant seats in the forthcoming elections, only one, Sonia Gawas, who has been actively involved in the PTA group at Maurice Hawk for the last three years and is fully familiar with the planned development of the residential units.

Sonia is very concerned about the potential overcrowding of schools and their impact on the quality of education going forward. It has taken a lot of efforts of the School Board to build an excellent Education System in West Windsor.

Let’s make sure that the quality of education is not compromised to accommodate builders to build more residential units and make a lot of profits. I am confident that Sonia will fight to ensure that our school system is not compromised.

Jagdish Vasudev

West Windsor