After a marathon campaign that has spanned half of 2019, Election Day is finally almost here.

To get our readers ready for the polls, the Hamilton Post has compiled coverage of all the races voters will see on their ballots, including state assembly, county executive, county freeholder, Hamilton Township Board of Education, Hamilton Township council and mayor of Hamilton Township.

You’re seeing this coverage a bit sooner than you have in the past. The Hamilton Post has always published its election coverage in November, closer to Election Day. It moves to October this year, after reader feedback convinced us an earlier publication date would benefit those who vote by mail and turn in their ballots early. Election Day is Nov. 5.

The campaign is already in full swing, particularly the race for Hamilton Township mayor between incumbent Kelly Yaede and challenger Jeff Martin.

The Hamilton Post sat down with both candidates, holding an extensive conversation about the township, the campaign and the candidates themselves.

This page contains all you’ll need to get ready for Election Day 2019. The hyperlinks earlier in this story and the links below lead to coverage of all the races on the ballot.

State Assembly – 14th Legislative District

Mercer County executive and freeholder

Hamilton Township Mayor: Democrat Jeff Martin

Hamilton Township Mayor: Republican Kelly Yaede

Hamilton Township Council

Hamilton Township Board of Education