From time to time Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions posed by readers or members of the Ewing Observer’s staff. This month, the mayor answers questions sent in by our staff.

Construction work has been ongoing on Parkway Avenue near the Ewing Town Center. What’s being done there and when is completion anticipated?

The Parkway Avenue construction work has included new water and sewer lines for the development on the old GM site. Working with Mercer County they are also straightening the intersection, moving poles and placing curb and sidewalks where needed.

Once the poles are moved the rest of the paving will be completed on both Scotch Road and Parkway Avenue. Going forward, the majority of the work will be on the Ewing Town Center property (the old GM site) and on Silvia Street just beyond the side entrances to Wawa and the Credit Union of New Jersey.

The intersection work should be completed in September, weather permitting. Future Parkway Avenue work will occur further down the line as the Ewing Town Center buildings start to appear later this year.

The township has hired a number of new police officers in recent years. What is the process for hiring new officers?

Ewing Township is a Civil Service Managed town. All hiring and promotions are governed by Civil Service process.

Municipalities depend on the efforts of volunteers to serve on boards and other groups to help the township run. What are some areas where Ewing is in need of volunteers, and what’s the best way for residents to apply to serve?

Volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated. Volunteers are needed at the West Trenton firehouse and the Prospect Road firehouse as well as our Patriotic Committee.

We also need volunteers for our Green Team, the Environmental Advisory Commission, the Historic Commission, the Arts Council, the Recreation Advisory Council and many more to assist program and events in Ewing Township. Anyone interested can contact my office as well as the clerk’s office. The township’s phone number os (609) 883-2900.

There are a number of road projects currently going on in the township. Which entities are conducting and paying for the projects? For example, which ones are state, county or municipal?

The various road projects in Ewing Township have kept all of us on our toes. Route 31, otherwise known as Pennington Road is a state project. The new Scudder Falls Bridge is Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge project, with the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania doing additional work on the ramps of Route 29, Bear Tavern Road and Scotch Road.

Parkway Avenue and Scotch Road are Mercer County projects in concert with the developer of the GM site.

Additional work in the area will include PSE&G relocating some poles and a completion of the redesign of the intersection. Work on Ewingville and Lower Ferry roads is a Mercer County project.

In addition, over the last three years we have received grants that have allowed us to pave Federal City Road, Green Lane (from Ewingville to Route 31 ) and Buttonwood Drive ( Fall of 2019 ).

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