This letter is long overdue and has been in my head for several years. I read with great interest and excitement the Community Forum letter regarding plastic bags, as well as the cover article about recycling in the Aug. 30 issue of the West Windsor and Plainsboro News.

I have been a constant and avid recycler since 1971. For me it comes naturally and is not confusing at all.

I do realize that in today’s busy world not everyone has the time and/or the interest in researching things such as recycling.

However, with very little effort one can find all the necessary information regarding recycling on their township’s websites. I have found that this seems to be true nationwide (I have family in other states and their towns have the information on their township’s websites).

I could not agree more with the students who have suggested a plastic bag ban in our township and/or county. I cannot understand why anyone would be against it, especially with all the media attention plastics are receiving nationally as well as worldwide.

Many European countries have banned plastic bags, straws and cutlery. We consider our country so advanced and progressive; why then have we not implemented such laws?

I would like to suggest that West Windsor use the electronic bulletin board at the intersection of Clarksville Road and Route 571 to instruct citizens regarding proper recycling.

I would also like to question why our township/county only recycles #1 and #2 plastics? We have family in Santa Rosa, California, and in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Both towns recycle #1 through #7 plastics. Santa Rosa also collects garbage (food scraps and organic waste). This I feel would be environmentally beneficial and responsible.

While I realize this is an additional expense, it would reduce the amount of dry trash that needs to be collected as well as produce useful compost. I would like to see our township look into this possibility. Surely, there are companies in New Jersey that do this.

In closing I would like to add for those who think rinsing is a problem or time consuming—simply put it in the dishwasher.

Eleanor A. Schofield

West Windsor