Properly Fueled in Bordentown City.

Two city restaurants, Properly Fueled and The HOB Tavern, will receive Green Business Recognition awards by the Bordentown City Green Team at the City Commission meeting on Monday, August 12th, 7 p.m. at Carslake Community Center.

This award is presented to businesses in Bordentown City that are voluntarily implementing strategies to reduce energy consumption and waste, use sustainable materials, offer greener products and contribute to the local community.

Properly Fueled, opened in May 2017 by mother-daughter team Denise and Aubrie Evans,  aims to ‘transform the way people think about fast, convenient, and healthy cuisine.’ The duo have incorporated concepts of sustainability into the core of their business model including, but not limited to: sourcing all of their meats and proteins from wild, organic and/or local sources, composting food waste and recycling all materials.

When dining in, patrons are served meals on ceramic, glass and other reusable materials. A chalkboard near the counter informs customers of the local farms, coffee roasters and bakeries they are supporting. To-go materials are made of recycled paper products. The Evans’ installed energy efficient appliances and windows during the renovation of the property in preparation for their opening in 2017, reducing both energy and water consumption. Finally, the team aims to educate the local community about healthy eating options through other venues such as social media and public events.

Mary Buhrer purchased The HOB Tavern 16 years ago. (File photo.)

The Heart of Bordentown, or The HOB as it’s commonly known, is a staple of the Bordentown Community opened in 2002 by Mary Buhrer and is managed by her daughter, Courtney Spundarelli. They have placed heavy emphasis in the last two years on reducing the business’ environmental impact.

One of the first areas they targeted was reducing single use items. HOB patrons no longer find plastic shot glasses, straws, and to-go containers. Disposable signage advertising upcoming events and specials has been replaced with chalkboards, saving both landfill space and money.

In addition, take out orders are served in recyclable packaging.  In regards to supporting the local economy and community, seasonal produce from local farms can often be found on the specials menu each week and most recently they’ve supported the Bordentown Laundry Initiative with a $2,500 matching grant from Tito’s Vodka.

Buhrer and Spundarelli acknowledge the learning curve and effort required to transition a business model and culture to a more sustainable approach and they are being commended for their efforts thus far. In the future, the HOB plans to begin composting much of its food waste and reaching out to other established restaurants in the community to collectively establish more widespread sustainable efforts.

Properly Fueled and The Hob are located within Bordentown City. They join three other city businesses recognized for their green accomplishments. Bordentown Home for Funerals, The Rivertown Laundromat and Mimosa Goods received the city’s previous awards.

The Green Team says people can expect to see more businesses recognized for their actions in promoting sustainability through arts and wellness in the community, responsibly sourcing materials, upcycling and more.

The Bordentown City Green team is a volunteer based organization that meets at the Environmental Commission meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Carslake Community Center. The Green Team received Silver Status in the Sustainable Jersey Program and was a Sustainability Champion in the small municipalities category. All community members are welcomed and encouraged to join the Team. contact for more information.