Every time we have a local election in West Windsor—be it a school board election or a council and/or mayoral election, the common practice has been to use corrugated plastic campaign signs larger than 18×24 inches.

While they may seem sturdier, they weigh approximately half a pound each. At the end of an election, with more than four teams running—like this year, we can generate one ton of plastic waste for the landfill.

If we instead use the light and economical polyethylene bag campaign signs, after the election, we can completely recycle them into park benches through our West Windsor Plastics for West Windsor Parks program.

Candidates, please join us for this environmental initiative in West Windsor? Working together, we may be able to recycle 500 pounds of campaign bag signs and place our first recycled West Windsor Election bench in one of our parks—this November!

Yan Mei Wang

Wang is a candidate running for a seat on West Windsor Council.