From time to time Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions posed by readers or members of the Ewing Observer’s staff. This month, the mayor answers questions sent in by two of our readers.

The new dog park at Banchoff Park is a big improvement over what was there previously, and it’s great having a nice dog park in town. I was wondering when the park will be completed? Currently, there are some large holes covered with aging and warped plywood that are becoming safety hazards.

–Andy Brunetto

We are in the process of installing the water fountains and are putting the finishing touches on the park. These improvements are anticipated to be completed by the middle of August, weather permitting. Once totally finished I’m sure that all of our animal friends will enjoy the park immensely. We are considering further improvements to the park area as time goes on.

A possible dangerous situation exists on Rockleigh Drive between the numbers 14 and 18. The low overhanging branches above the street could fall during a wind storm or heavy rain and injure someone. Can someone check this out ?

–Richard Serafin

I have reached out to Public Works to address your concerns about low and overhanging branches, and have directed them to remediate the situation if warranted.

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