Hamilton-based artist Joseph Gyurcsak finds inspiration in working immediately from life, at places like the St. Gregory’s Carnival. The result is works like “Carnival.”

I have known Joseph Gyurcsak for some time and have always admired his work and work ethic. He is no Sunday Painter. He is an expert in materials, technique, color and composition. He paints from life. His work is shown in many galleries and is very well collected. He considers his work, abstract realist or abstract impressionist.

What are you communicating with your art?

I am capturing the natural or artificial light on my subjects, presenting them in an abstract realism form.

What media do you use?

I use oil, acrylic and watercolor. I treat them the same. My focus is spontaneity and fluidness. The media doesn’t matter. It’s how I chose to bend the mediums, so that the surface is unique, irregular and suggestive in an organic way.

Describe your process.

I must have a strong emotional attachment to the subject. I usually have a title to the painting early on, this keeps my focus, capturing the essence of the subject and its immediate feel. I often skip the drawing and go right to painting. If the connection is strong, I want my energy to spill right into the painting with pure gut reaction. Working immediately from life keeps the color lively and free flowing. If this energy is lost then the painting will suffer.

Do you paint in studio or outdoors?

I work outside from life more. The work that I do outside in plein air is most gratifying to me. I also do small studies outside, and then I may do a larger painting in the studio over a longer span of time.

Have you painted around Hamilton?

I paint at Sayen Gardens. I call this my laboratory, a place where I try out new ideas and techniques. I’ve painted at the St. Gregory Carnival many times and did again this year. I paint many areas throughout New Jersey; old farms, junkyards, things in decay. I like the challenge of painting chaos. Busy designs interest me more than the perfect landscape.

Are you a mentor?

I am. I have been mentored by many leading representational painters of our time, so I feel an obligation to give back. I teach in my studio in Hamilton and have done so for 29 years. I hold workshops throughout the U.S. and have demonstrated painting at more than 160 leading universities, colleges and art schools.

You work for an art supply company. how does that affect your personal work?

I am the resident artist for Blick Art Materials and the Brand Manager for Utrecht Artists Colors now for 21 years. This lets me really study painting, art material R&D and travel. I am inspired by different cultures and artists. I now have a depth of knowledge artistically, that I can be a judge of art events and a speaker at recognized organizations such as The Salmagundi Club, Oil Painters of America and The American Impressionist Society.

What fight/struggle do you have regarding your art?

My biggest challenge is time management. Juggling galleries, shows, teaching, traveling to art events and my full-time position at Blick/Utrecht, I never have a dull day. My wife Lisa is my backbone; she manages a lot of my business. I couldn’t do it all without her.

Do you have a dream project?

I’d like to find a backer to develop an art school with a fantastic faculty of artists right in the center of Hamilton. We could have nationally recognized artists come in, lecture, demonstrate and hold workshops. I have the connections. I just need some backers. We would put Hamilton on the map as one of the finest Atelier schools in the country. I am ready!

What is on the horizon?

I am increasing the frequency of my workshops to four per year. I am planning a workshop in Italy for September/October 2020. This will be my first workshop abroad. Very exciting!

See more info about this accomplished artist at josephgyurcsak.com.