From time to time Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions posed by readers or members of the Ewing Observer’s staff. This month, the mayor answers questions sent in by two of our readers.

Every year the township sends out a send a robo call stating that fireworks are not permitted, yet many residents still fire them off from 9 p.m. until midnight. I live in a neighborhood where the fireworks are constant, and my two dogs are constantly upset and cannot calm down.

Some of these fireworks are being shot off by township employees. I have tried in the past years to ask the police to request that they stop, but when the police ride by the homes they do not go into the homes if they do not see the fireworks being fired off at that time. Two minutes later they start up again.

I have had bottle rockets shot on my deck and into my pool. What can be done to control fireworks being shot off in the township by residents?

–Joyce Crea

We will put a phone message out again, reminding them that shooting off fireworks is illegal unless they receive a permit from the State of New Jersey. They are only issued for community events.

Short of that, if you know the areas that have abused shooting off fireworks in the past, please advise my office or the police. The police will do their best to enforce any violations, including confiscating any unauthorized fireworks they find in peoples’ possession.

I see many new apartments and homes being built in Ewing Township. They include new apartments near the Trenton-Mercer Airport, South Fork, N.J. Manufacturers, and new ones at the old General Motors site (Ewing Town Center).

Ewing’s Township population is growing for the 2020 U.S. Census, and it proves that Ewing is developing into a place where people want to live. What is the projected increase in the township’s population? Could it be an extra 5,000 people for the 2020 Census?

–Michael Dobrowolski

While there will be some growth in the population, it will occur slowly over the next five-plus years, as all the building is phased in. The balanced growth along with commercial and residential construction is healthy, and it keeps Ewing as a destination.

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