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It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: our bodies healing themselves without surgery or invasive techniques. But regenerative therapies are here and now available to everyone. Regenerative Medicine of Mercer provides a cutting-edge range of treatments including the newest approaches to stem cells and platelet-rich plasma therapies.

Founder Dr. Glenn S. Gabai, a practicing chiropractor for 40 years, immersed himself in new and upcoming methods of healing after retiring from active chiropractic practice. “I truly believe ‘The power that made the body heals the body.’ These natural healing processes and techniques were not widely available until a decade ago, and after study and research proving effectiveness and safety, I am excited to bring these FDA approved modern medicine wonders to the public,” affirms Dr. Gabai.

“The body has an inborn wisdom to repair, rebuild and regrow. We are all born with the stem cells that make this happen but, with age, they gradually become dormant. Platelet rich plasma reinvigorates these cells and encourages them to active growth,” Dr. Gabai states

These therapies are especially effective on joint pain and sports injuries. Professional athletes have used these techniques for years, but they were expensive and not widely known until recently. With its all-natural approach to pain, regenerative cell therapy is emerging as the treatment of choice for musculoskeletal diseases and conditions. Conditions beyond orthopaedic injury, such as neuropathy arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, or torn ligaments, respond well to these therapies.

Stem cells replicate into other cells in the body. When injected into an affected area, they trigger a healing cascade, resulting in fast and effective pain relief. Platelet-rich plasma therapy processes the patient’s own blood to separate and concentrate the platelets, proteins and healing factors and is then injected into the injured area. Plasma contains necessary growth factors and hormones to facilitate healing, plus it recruits other cells to the site of injury for pain relief and repair. It is a safe and effective procedure that rarely has side effects, and it only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Dr. Gabai says: “These procedures are less aggressive and less expensive than surgery. They heal tissue naturally with minimal or no scarring and alleviate further degeneration of the tissues. Because stem cells are immune privileged minimal side effects have been reported in the many studies nationally and internationally. Use of these new techniques, holistically coupled with chiropractic treatment, nutrition and weight loss counselling, can reduce the chances of needing surgery and possibly eliminate it entirely.”

Twice monthly, Dr. Gabai presents talks at his offices in Pennington on the effectiveness of these treatments, known as “The New Medicine”. “There is no need to wait and put up with pain unnecessarily for years. Conditions that patients have endured for years have be alleviated without invasive measures. The future of medicine is here today,” he says.

Step into the future of natural pain relief treatment. Contact Regenerative Medicine of Mercer today to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling 609-577-1801 or writing regenmedmercer@gmail.com or visit the website regenmedmercer.com. 2554 Pennington Road, Pennington