I’m writing this on June 8, having recently watched and listened to a variety of moving tributes on the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Memorial Day was only about two weeks ago, and when you read this, the 4th of July will be upon us.

Many may not know that at one time in Ewingville, near the current Citgo Station, there stood a large sign: the Ewing Township Honor Roll, which listed those residents from the Ewingville area who had served in World War II.

It was taken down in the 1950s, and stored in John Vernam’s barn for decades. A replica was later erected near the municipal building, but it was lost in a storm.

So this month, the column honors those who have served to protect life in Ewingville and countless other places like it.

The Ewing Township website lists the names of individuals from Ewing who fought in our nation’s wars. The names below are taken from the website. I cannot guarantee that this list is complete; there are likely some names missing, and for that I apologize.

I am also aware that while it is likely that most of these veterans are no longer with us, some may still be alive, and even in the area. To all of those, a special salute and expression of deep thanks.

I (as well as the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society, on whose behalf I write these columns) am always interested to hear your stories and recollections of life in Ewing, including stories of military service.

The Society has had programs on veterans in the past, and is certainly interested in sharing additional stories. If you wish to share your story with us, or that of a relative listed below, please contact me, Helen, at ewingthenandnow@gmail.com, or the Historic Preservation Society at info@ethps.org.

So here is a salute to those men and women who fought or served in the Second World War, as a way to thank them, honor them, and remember them for their service and sacrifice: (*denotes died in wartime)

John Abbott, John Abbotts, William Abbotts 3rd, George H. Alcock, Louis M. Anchinsko, Chester Anderson Jr., Kenneth Anderson Jr., William Anderson*, William J. Andreas, John Proctor Arthur, Maurice C. Bellando, Albert Bennett, John Blackton, Ernest M. Boan, C. Emmett Brophy, John J. Cashel, Clarence H. Cochran, H. T. Cochran, Brooks B. Cooper William L. Cubberley, John Cullen.

Kenneth H. Deith, Russell P. Dey Jr., William E. Disbrow, John D. Dow, Carl Dow, William N. Eames, John Eberhardt, Robert C. Engle, Miller F. Engemann, Eileen Fell, Howard R. Firman, Douglas C. Fisher, Everett B. Fisher Jr., William Fort Jr., John Fox, Edward R. Gainsborg, Harry J. Geller Jr., Sebastian Giallella.

Jack L. Hall, Leroy B. Harrison, John W. Hendrickson, Leon E. Hendrickson, James W. Herbert, William R. Hibbs Jr., Howard G. Hinkle, William W. Hinkle, Richard D. Housner, Charles F. Huddy Sr., Charles F. Huddy Jr., Robert V. Hunt, David B. Jackson, Paul H. Jackson, T. Bain Jackson, Francis C. Jobst*, Harry Klein, Jr., Frank S. Kleinkauf*, Thomas E. Kucker.

Clarence R. Lambert, Harold W. Lambert, Wilfred N. Lambert, Grace M. Larrabee, Regena E. Larrabee, Richard D. Larrabee, W. L. Larrabee, Jr., Edward J. Leary, Samuel Leventhal, Charles M. Lewis, Jesse A. Lewis, Charles C. Madden. John E. McLaughlin, Richard J. Metz, Ray. L. North Jr.*, Anthony D. Peluso, Lloyd C. Price Sr., James H. Regan, Warner P. Roberts, Walter J. Robinson Jr., Ben W. Rounds, David E. Rounds, Stuart B. Rounds.

Edward E. Saltmer, Fred H. Sandford Jr., Fred Schiable, Harold Schiable, Dorsey L. Schiable, Paul. E. Schmidt, Fred A. Seabridge, John L. Seitz, Max H. Seitz, Charles Smith, Walter Smith, William E. Smith, Edward Sneddon, Frank Sochalski, Charles A. Sommers, Esther Stackhouse, Claude T. Staten, Fred Stahuber, Joseph Steigler, Daniel Sullivan, John L. Sullivan, Mina L. Sutcliffe, Robert C. Sutcliffe, John Szalony.

James Walter Taliferro, Carl J. Toomey, Joseph M. Toomey, Jonah Umstead, Richard Updike, Joseph C. Van Fleet, Arthur C. Vernam, Edmund B. Vernam, John W. Vernam III, William S. Vernam, Patricia Whitehead, Samuel C. Whitehead, Anthony Wilkin, Clarence H. Wilson, John R. Wyks, Joseph W. Wyks, George Wylie.

We salute you, all.