In the last issue of The News (May 17) there was a letter in the Community Forum talking about wearing orange to combat gun violence.

While this is a noble cause on paper, the reality is that the ones behind this movement are being misled by the media and by anti-gun people.

Mass shootings are statistical anamolies—there is a one in two million chance that any given person in the USA will be affected by a mass shooting on any given day. Of the 10,000 gun homicides every year the most prevalent is gang violence which account for about 90 percent of all gun homicides.

Gun violence does affect urban communities more prevalently but those shootings are mostly due to drug deals gone sour or turf wars—issues that are not rooted in the gun, but in rotten individuals.

West Windsor has a gun club (Citizens Rifle and Revolver Club) and Mercer County houses a large gun owning population, yet gun violence is almost non-existent.

If it really was the gun that was the problem we would expect to see higher rates of shootings correlated with the higher rate of gun ownership but this is not the case.

In fact the CDC even has a study showing that Americans use guns defensively about 3.6 times more than criminally.

To imply that guns are the reason these house of worships, schools and we as civilians should be afraid is one sided and one dimensional. We need to take action to prevent gun violence but the actions have to be commensurate with the risk.

Sanjev Rajaram

West Windsor