The Lawrence High School top 10 seniors are preparing for life as LHS alumni.

The 2018-19 school year is coming to a close, and this year’s Top 10 academic seniors at Lawrence High School are looking ahead toward college and careers as graduation approaches.

Each student filled out a questionnaire about themselves, including information about their career plans, favorite Lawrence memories, extracurricular activities and teachers.

The seniors will attend colleges such as Rice University, Rutgers University, Georgia Tech, University of Washington, American University and UCLA.

They will study engineering, biochemistry, neuroscience, bioinformantics and political science on their way to prospective careers like doctors, accountants and politicians, among others.

During their time at Lawrence, this year’s Top 10 students were involved with clubs like chemistry club and DECA, extracurriculars ranging from tennis, National History Day, swimming and Math League to STEM Academy, Science Olypiad, Model Congress and Students Against Violating the Earth. They were also members of academic organizations like the National Honor Society and Deloitte Academy.

The class of 2019’s graduation ceremony is set for Thursday, June 20, 2019 at the Cure Insurance Arena, starting at 3 p.m.

  1. Andrew Sam

College: Rutgers University

Major: Biochemistry

Ideal career: Pediatrician

Activities: Marching band, Model Congress, Math League, National History Day, Model UN, National Honor Society, Student Leadership, chess club, Science Olympiad, jazz band

Favorite memory: Either the time Harsh threw his flute across the parking lot dancing to “Tear It Up” my freshman year before joining marching band or an instance in AP Chem when Josh and I stared at a beaker of plain water for two hours. Neither were particularly funny at the time, but they sure are funny now.

Most influential teacher: Mr. Marbach. He has definitely influenced what I want to study in college.

2. Stuart Woody

College: Rutgers University

Major: Economics

Ideal career: CPA

Activities: Golf, Math League, National History Day, pit orchestra

Favorite memory: Freshman year, my friends and I stressed a lot about taking finals, so we somehow managed to study for literally the entire weekend, but for me, it was fun. The adrenaline must have helped.

Most influential teacher: My third grade teacher Mrs. Rooney (since retired). She helped me find my appreciation for being in school and learning.

3. Neil Chopra

College: Rice University

Major: Neuroscience

Ideal career: Emergency physician

Activities: Track and field, game design, chemistry club, National Honor Society, STEM club

Favorite memory: Being a member of the Wolf Pack.

Most influential teacher: Mr. Borlaza because he teaches us everything about Latin.

4. Anis Chihoub

College: Rutgers University

Major: Computer engineering and neuroscience or statistics

Ideal career: Engineer or professor

Activities: DECA, Model Congress, Math League, chemistry club

Favorite memory: Lively debates from Model Congress on controversial issues and working on projects for chemistry club.

Most influential teacher: Ms. Mallon. She helped me to understand literature from a more global point of view and helped me improve my writing skills.

5. Stephanie Luo

College: Georgia Tech

Major: Computational media/computer science

Activities: Swim team, STEM club, The Lawrencian, Math League, National Honor Society

Favorite memory: Making chicken noodle soup in Kindergarten class. Ever since then, chicken noodle soup has been one of my favorite soups.

Most influential teacher: Ms. Sturgis because she gave me the confidence to pursue my passions and aspirations.

6. Anusha Aggarwal

College: University of Washington-Seattle

Major: Bioinformantics

Ideal career: Research

Activities: Tennis, STEM club, Math League, National History Day, Student Leadership, National Honor Society

Favorite memory: Being Narrator Two in the third grade play “Show Me the Money.”

Most influential teacher: Ms. Taylor because she sparked my interest in history and gave me confidence in my educational journey thus far.

7. Cassidy Stoneback

College: American University

Major: Political science

Ideal career: Politician

Activities: National History Day, Students Against Violating the Earth, STEM Academy, National Honor Society, Model Congress

Favorite memory: Getting to spend a week in Washington, D.C. with my friends after we spent months researching and building a project for National History Day.

Most influential teacher: Ms. Taylor has influenced me the most because she has helped show me that everything, even comic books, can provide an opportunity for learning.

8. Harshil Bhullar

College: University of California – Los Angeles

Major: Electrical engineering

Ideal career: Google

Activities: Tennis, STEM, game design, chemistry club

Favorite memory: When Mr. Meehl kicked his trash can across the room because we wanted more Meehl time.

Most influential teacher: Mr. Borlaza because he teaches us everything except Latin.

9. Izabella Mus

College: Rutgers University

Major: Biology

Ideal career: Medical profession

Activities: Swimming, Operation Smile, Student Council, National Honor Society, Deloitte Academy, Student Leadership

Favorite memory: Being a part of the Lawrence High School swim team for the past four years. A big thank you to all my teammates and coaches.

Most influential teacher: Mrs. Richey for being an amazing mentor that always challenged and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

10. Adeline Ripberger

College: Rutgers University

Major: Mechanical engineering

Ideal career: Engineering

Activities: Softball, basketball, National Honor Society, Student Leadership, National History Day, chemistry club

Favorite memory: Going to school early every morning to meet with a group of friends in the hallway before going to class to talk and laugh about anything and everything.

Most influential teacher: Mr. Troy for helping me realize my interest in physics through fascinating demonstrations, fun projects and challenging courses.