From time to time Ewing Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions posed by readers or members of the Ewing Observer’s staff. This month, the mayor answers questions sent in by two of our readers.

I live in the Churchill Greens development. About two years ago, a home that sat empty for quite some time was suddenly filled with about 12 male college students. There have been weekend parties that go long into the night, drinking and yelling outside. Afterwards, trash is scattered all over the property. I have seen the police called to this house a few times because of the noise.

Then the home around the corner, which was also empty for a while, was also rented to another large group of college students. Just recently a third home that was sold was renovated and rented to a large group of college students. These were originally 3 or 4 bedroom houses but now converted into multiple bedrooms.

These homes also have 10 or more cars overcrowding driveways and some vehicles have been blocking sidewalks.

I am afraid someone or some group is buying homes in this develo p.m.ent and converting them into large rentals. I worry that the value of my home may decrease if additional homes are turned into college rooming house rentals. Is this legal? What about building code violations?

–James Nicoletti

All Houses that are sold have to be inspected before any new owners or tenants move in. If they are owned by investors, they have to be registered and inspected annually as well as whenever there is a change in tenants.

If you would call or email my office with the addresses, I can check to make sure they were inspected when ownership changed and that they are inspected annually.

If they are loud, please call the Ewing Police at (609) 883-2900, ext. 7005 and they will respond. The tenants have to follow all the rules like every other family that lives in Ewing.

According to the courts, we cannot define what a family unit is. Anyone living together (students, friends, etc.) are permitted to live in your neighborhood and any other neighborhood.

Meanwhile, all of Ewing Township went through a recent revaluation. The properties that you are referring to are classified as rental properties and assessed appropriately, to include their rental income. At this time, I have not seen any impact on the value or sale of other residential properties in Ewing.

Personally I feel that the rental properties (many with college students ) are not the ideal living situation for many of our residents. We as a town have adopted ordinances to help manage the impact of this change. The owners of the properties (landlords) have challenged some of them in court.

The number of bedrooms and amount of living space was challenged, and we had to adjust the ordinance per the Superior Court judge. Anyone can park on a public street, but they cannot block your driveway.

We also have three code officials who can by sent out to investigate any complaints about the properties. All complaints should be addressed to Code Enforcement at (609) 883-2900, ext. 7647.

If you would like to meet for further discussion please call my office at (609) 883-2900, ext 7606.

I am writing about the road lines on Parkway Avenue in front of the NJDOT and between Dunmore Avenue and Lower Ferry Road. The center turn lane is being used by drivers to get to the light at Lower Ferry Road. On numerous occasions as I attempted to get into this center lane to turn onto Stratford or Rutledge Avenue, I have had to swerve to avoid oncoming traffic speeding at me.

I try not to get into this lane until I am close to the intersection in fear of being struck head on by drivers who see this lane as their personal speedway. Can someone please give this traffic pattern a review to see what is going on?

–Steve Krawiec

Parkway Avenue is a Mercer County road. They have been restriping roads throughout the county to help slow the traffic down. I will raise this issue with the engineer and the DOT director for Mercer County.

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