Borough locals James and Alex Klett have opened a new community-focused farm on Hopewell’s Aunt Molly Road. The Klett brothers’ business, Fairgrown Farm, grows seasonal vegetables using natural methods. Along with hosting the first-ever Hopewell Farmers Market on Broad Street, Fairgrown is offering farm shares to the residents of Hopewell Valley, Montgomery, and Princeton.

Alex and James Klett at work at Fairgrown Farm.

The pair had been farming for several years in Montgomery when their growing needs prompted a search for new land. The decision to move to an 8-acre field on Aunt Molly Road was “obvious,” the brothers say, since the Klett family has lived in the Borough since 1963.

The Kletts say their pristine pasture is untouched by the plow and the soil on the new farm is healthy and clear of any unwanted chemicals. Fairgrown is in the process of becoming a certified organic farm. The brothers say their crops will be grown while avoiding even pesticides that many other organic farms use.

Fairgrown is now offering farm shares to those looking to support local farmers and get seasonal produce. Farm-share programs, also known as community-supported agriculture, allows members to purchase a season’s worth of produce in advance, helping farmers pay for the high initial costs of planting.

Fairgrown plans to offer both delivery and market share options. With delivery share, households will receive weekly farmer-curated boxes of assorted vegetables at their front door. Market-share customers will be receive a credit that can be used anytime at the Hopewell Farmers Market. The first crops of broccoli, lettuce, kale and cabbage are expected to arrive in June.

More information is available online or by phone at (609) 731-6063.