Richard Stoneking

Our nation is at a crossroads between health and our nation’s health-care delivery system. Too many Americans are limited by chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoarthritis and obesity. Far too many people with functional limitations struggle to secure appropriate support services that allow them to live independently in their own residences. Too many lives are being shattered by opioid addiction and “relief in a pill.”

Our health-care system today too often pays for treating illness rather than advancing wellness and prevention services to achieve and support good health. The United States spends more per capita on health care than any other developed country, yet our citizens are limited by some of the poorest health.

This must change and we, as physical therapists, are doing our part.

Physical therapists have much to contribute to the health of society. Physical therapists, using a nondrug, nonsurgical approach, empower patients to help themselves through education and interventions to facilitate movement. Utilization of this treatment strategy ensures efficient and effective use of your health-care dollar.

We at Stoneking Physical Therapy and Wellness believe our strength is helping you find yours in an effective and efficient manner.

Ewing native Richard Stoneking has been a physical therapist since 1979 and in private practice in New Jersey since 1989. Stoneking brings a broad background of experience to his patients having worked in the home health, hospital acute care, and skilled nursing setting. To learn more, visit or call (609) 883-7528 to make an appointment.