Pond Road PTA discount unfair

I am a mom of a 6th grade student at Pond Road Middle School. My son received a flier at school for a 6th grade Social. After further reading it I saw that the price per child was $2 more for non-PTA students. That is 40 percent more.

I found this discriminating and unheard of—a PTA’s job is to help students, staff and the school. One student shouldn’t have to pay more to attend a school function. Everyone I have talked to anywhere else has never heard of this.

I wrote the president of the PTA for the state, and she said this was not OK but each PTA can do what they want. I emailed my principal and the superintendent Dr. Foster, and recieved no reply. The PRMS PTA president emailed me back and stated they can do what they want.

I do not not believe this is acceptable because it is being held at my son’s school and for his grade, all children should pay the same price, $5 or $7. I did not join the PTA, but if my son goes to these functions I am forced to pay the fee without the benefits. They also never advertised in their membership that you would get a discounted price for events.

The PTA president tells me that when she discussed it at her PTA meeting that night, all were in favor—all of the PTA members getting the discount! She ignored my request to ask the whole sixth grade school’s parents what they thought.

Sheryl Bassman