In 1971, a strange aircraft took to the skies over New Jersey. The Aereon 26 was a prototype intended to be the first in a series of increasingly gargantuan hybrid airships. In the latest episode of Forgotten History, we explore the history of the Aereon, which legendary New Yorker writer John McPhee wrote about in his book, The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed.

The mysterious Aereon 26, subject of the latest episode of Forgotten History.

The story of the Aereon goes back to the Civil War, and its links to modern day blimp-building projects. In this episode of the Forgotten History podcast, host Diccon Hyatt tells the story of the Aereon and also interviews Jack Olcott, the test pilot of the Aereon and the only person ever to fly it.

(And residents of Central New Jersey will never guess where the Aereon 26 can be found today—but here’s a hint: it’s close by!)

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