Robbinsville Township is now the official owner of Miry Run Country Club.

The township filed a declaration of taking March 15 in New Jersey Superior Court, which included a check for the appraised value of $1.34 million, to obtain title to the 158.5 acre property formerly owned by Spring Garden Country Club Inc.

Judge Mary C. Jacobson signed an order March 14 appointing three commissioners, and expects a report to be delivered to her on or by July 15. The commissioners will set the final valuation of the parcel.

Robbinsville Township filed an action of taking in state Superior Court in November 2018 determining that acquisition of the property is in the public interest. The land will be used for passive rereation and be added to the township’s open space inventory.

Mercer County has pledge to help with the final cost of obtaining Miry Run Country Club.

The Eminent Domain Act provides a procedure for a municipality to engage in formal negotiations and, in the event such negotiations are unsuccessful, to file a condemnation action and to secure a price to be paid as fair and just compensation in advance of the filing to take the land.