The Lawrence Township Education Foundation recently presented Lawrence Township Public Schools with a grant for $100,000 to create a new Library Media Zone and STREAM Center at Slackwood Elementary School. This grant will relocate and double the size of the library and transform the learning environment for students at Slackwood Elementary School.

The expanded library will feature a Media Zone and STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts and Math) Center. The Media Zone will contain the original library’s book collection in refurbished bookcases, interactive video technology, creative seating options and research tools including laptops and tablets. This new library zone will be able to accommodate multiple classes for lessons and projects as well as families and the community for assemblies and programs.

A separate learning area will be dedicated to the Slackwood STREAM Center, which will include whiteboard walls, wipe-off tables for brainstorming, mind-mapping and design work, flexible furniture configurations to strengthen students’ collaborative skills and resources that empower students to create, innovate and solve problems. The flexibility of this space will allow rotating projects and initiatives including a makerspace, coding station, video production studio, and more. This space will also be able to be used as a family resource and education location. The new library, which will be moved from its current first floor room to the basement, will enable Slackwood students to immerse themselves in the competencies 21st century learners require.

“This incredibly engaging and inspiring space, along with the programs that this space will make possible, will support all of our diverse students and will seamlessly integrate the instructional and creative use of technology,” said Jeanne Muzi, Slackwood Elementary School’s Principal. “This is a project that will impact students for decades and will create a legacy that our district and the foundation can be extremely proud of.”

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