The West Windsor Environmental Commission is looking for the following plastic films and wraps—bread bags, grocery bags, cereal box liners, ice bags, Ziploc or other resealable bags, case overwraps such as those found on cases of water, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags, plastic shopping bags and bubble wrap.

We are planning to recycle these plastics into park furniture through a community plastic film and wraps recycling program offered by Trex, an outdoor furniture company ( In this effort, we aim to recycle 500 pounds of clean plastic film and wraps in less than 6 months into an earth-friendly composite bench for our parks.

We have collected 40 pounds in the first two weeks. Please help by saving your clean plastic film and wraps and doing one of the following:

1. Weigh your clean plastic film and wraps collection, email me the weight (, and drop off at McCaffrey’s, Whole Foods or Target.

2. Drop off your clean plastic film and wraps collections at the West Windsor Arts Council, Municipal Complex, or senior center lobby We will collect them, weigh them, and send to McCaffrey’s, Whole Foods or Target.

Meanwhile, several WW-P schools are participating in a similar program offered by Trex. If your child is enrolled in one of these schools, please bring clean acceptable plastic film and wraps to school first during the school year, and save the remaining for our community’s recycling program.

Thanks for helping with this environmental and community-building initiative.

Yan Mei Wang

Wang is a member of the West Windsor Environmental Commission.