For the last five years, Anthony Fleres has been the president of the WW-P school bcoard. Recently, he has been personally sued for certain posts that he has made in social media.

Fleres always states in his personal Facebook account that all his opinions are only his. Recently, when he posted on his personal account certain information about a member of the community, which that individual believes Fleres should have not revealed, Fleres got sued.

It appears that the school district is paying for Fleres’ defense in this personal lawsuit and the school attorney is appearing as Fleres’ attorney.

Thus, it appears that school resources, which are funded by the community are being used to defend Fleres in this personal law suit.

If Fleres used his own personal account and is stating that his opinions are his own, then why is Fleres not paying for his own attorney?

I did send Fleres a couple of emails asking him if there was a particular reason why he was using the school attorney. Unfortunately I never got a response from him.

If there is a reason why Fleres should be using the school resources, which are paid through our taxes. I believe that the community should know.

However, if Fleres should be paying for his own attorney, and therefore, paying out of his own pocket, then the community should be reimbursed.

It is very unfortunate that Fleres has decided not provide an explanation. Therefore, does the community believe that Fleres is abusing his power as a school member?

I hope to get some clarification on this matter.

— Veronica Mehno, West Windsor

Editor’s note: The News reached out to Fleres regarding Mehno’s letter and he sent the following response.

Vernoica Mehno’s allegations are not accurate.

In the Spring of 2017, Zul Kagalwalla filed lawsuits in both state and federal courts against the WW-P school board, the school district, the state of New Jersey, the township of West Windsor and several named individuals.

Upon review of the complaints, it was determined by the board’s insurance carrier that the allegations in them all arose out of the same series of events and were a part of the same claim.

As such, the board, the school district and the named individuals that are associated with the school district have been defended by Methfessel and Werbel pursuant to the board’s liability insurance coverage through Highland Claim Services on behalf of the School Alliance Insurance Fund.

The costs for that defense have been paid by the board’s insurance company. I will also point out that each of those matters have been summarily dismissed by the courts.

Mehno is correct that she did send emails to me demanding an explanation. However, she neglects to mention in her letter that she has been advised on several prior occasions that any formal requests for information and/or documentation must be sent to the district and not to individual board members.

Mehno also neglects to state in her letter that, after sending her emails to me, she did, in fact, follow the proper procedure and submit a formal request to the district; the responses to which, I understand, have been sent to her within the required time frame.

— Anthony Fleres
Fleres is a member of the WW-P school board representing Plainsboro.