Chris Borden, risk advisor, Borden Perlman; Brian Peterson manager of special projects and volunteers, Mercer Street Friends; Jess Morrison, vice president, JM Group; Laura Estey, assistant general manager, Witherspoon Grill; Sherri Petonic, human resources manager, JM Group; Kristina Daniels, assistant general manager, Blue Point Grill; Jack Morrison, president, JM Group; Steven Goldman, assistant vice president, NJM

JM Group has announced that the 2018 Holiday Meal Drive resulted in the donation of $18,000 to Mercer Street Friends Food Bank.

Each dollar donated to Mercer Street Friends is able to provide local families with $10 worth of food. With the help of the community, JM Group was able to provide $180,000 worth of food to local children, adults and seniors who face food insecurity and hunger on a daily basis.

In a statement, the staff of Witherspoon Grill, Blue Point Grill, Princeton Farmers’ Market and Nassau Street Seafood & Produce thanked their cosponsors Borden Perlman and NJM Insurance Group, as well as the other event sponsors, generous customers and friends for their donations.