The West Windsor Plainsboro Soccer Association is happy to report that thanks to the great feedback from our families, exciting new changes are happening to our spring recreation program.

An overwhelming number of families suggested that a team format, similar to the fall program, was a better approach than the current pick-up style. In addition, we are partnering with the recreation soccer clubs in nearby towns such as East Windsor and Robbinsville to increase the number of teams that our WWPSA players can compete against.

Exciting things are also happening with our travel programs. We continue to enhance our offerings through our Global Premier Soccer partnership as the first season with them on board has gone extremely well.

GPS is a nationally and internationally recognized program, having won state, regional and national titles, while offering best in class training and development for youth around the country.

Their player development model is second to none. We will continue to invest in and grow this partnership while also growing the core WWPSA travel programs in parallel.

Lastly, for the adults in our community, our adult programming provides a place for age 19 and older folks to come out, stay fit, compete and enjoy the game of soccer.

In the spring and fall, coed teams are formed for an 8v8 league that plays on Saturday afternoons. It’s really a great environment! I have experienced this first hand, with my kids watching ‘Dad” get some exercise.

In the summer we run a 5v5 league at Duck Pond Park on Wednesday nights, and in the winter we have rented gym space through the schools to keep us moving. I know it can be difficult as a parent to stay active, and what better way than to play soccer.

Thank you to all our dedicated families for making the WWPSA program a premier soccer program in the area.

Please visit to learn more about any of these programs. I’m also available at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

We are a volunteer run program committed to offering the best experience for all levels of players so please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our other board members are equally available to talk to you about your concerns, talk about your ideas to improve the club and to make sure that you are 100 percent informed.

We are all volunteers and are always looking for more of our members to help, so please let us know what can we do to continue to improve the various programs.

— James Moore
Moore is president of the West Windsor-Plainsboro Soccer Association.