The Ewing High School cheerleaders.

The Ewing High School cheerleaders participated in the 2018 Colonial Valley Conference cheerleading championships and walked away with first place honors.

It was a long trek to the championship for the Blue Devils cheerleaders. Over the past five months, the 23-person EHS cheerleading team worked to prepare for the CVC annual cheer classic. The team began training over the summer at weight room sessions and practices which included a week-long cheer camp where they learned their competition routine. As the year evolved, the girls practiced daily in order to hone their skills.

“The girls were always dedicated to making themselves and the team the very best it could be,” co-coach Katlin Doolan said in a statement. “From staying late to always seeking improvement, they were focused and determined throughout the year.”

“We are so incredibly proud of each and everyone one of the girls and their championship- winning routine,” co-coach Amanda Salvitty added. “As coaches we could not have asked for a better team or a better outcome for our season.”

The 2018 cheer team consisted of Tyler Boncoeur, Tori Bradnock, Madison Burnett, Shianne Carmichael, Kyasia Dixon, Destiny Dollson, Nevin Gammage (captain), Anna Gaylord (captain), Kyla Gibbs, Gabrielle Gregg, Nicola Laba, Alexa Laflin (captain), Kordasia Little, Katelyn McConnell, Devyn McDaniel, Leah Mickolas (captain), Yaire Ortega Vega, Cameron R. Rodriguez, Najiyah Rush-Hagins, Niya Simms, Natalie Staub, Isabel Van Wagner and Jillian Zaggi.

A video of their winning performance can be found on the district’s Twitter feed.