The WWP News in conjunction with West Windsor Gives Back, a new community organization, will be running articles throughout 2018 in celebration of the West Windsor Police Department’s 50th anniversary. In addition to honoring the department and its officers, the group is working to raise funds to help the department purchase a drone.

West Windsor Police Officer Kyle Brown with his son, Carter.

West Windsor Police Department officer Kyle Brown has done it all—coach, patrol officer, SWAT team member and teacher. As an area resident since childhood, he fits naturally into the role of community policing.

Brown grew up in West Windsor and Plainsboro, and attended Maurice Hawk, Millstone River (formerly UES), and WW-P High School, where he was in the last graduating class before it became High School South.

He says he fondly remembers the coaches and friendships from his time playing sports including baseball at Ward Field and football with the WW-P Wildcats. In high school, Brown played basketball and was MVP in 1999-2000. He has since used both his sports and people skills to coach basketball for West Windsor travel and recreation teams.

Brown says being influenced positively by his coaches is an integral part of his desire to pay it forward as a coach, instructor and police officer.

Brown says he remembers one student in particular who was struggling in middle school and started playing basketball on a team Brown coached.

The kid “really stuck with it” and went on to finish high school and then college. It was a wonderful moment when the student thanked Brown for his part in his ultimate success.

Brown’s emphasis on excellence in physical fitness is not just about muscle strength and capability. Like several West Windsor police officers before him, he earned the Physical Fitness Award when he graduated from the Mercer County Police Academy in 2009.

“I knew going into the academy that I really wanted to win that award,” Brown says. “It shows more than just physical condition but also heart and determination, and those traits go hand and hand with making a successful police officer.”

In addition, he has competed along with other WWPD officers in the Elite Law Enforcement Fitness Challenge against police and members of the military in the New York to Maryland area. They competed twice, earning 2nd and 3rd place.

Brown’s physical and mental toughness has been invaluable on West Windsor’s SWAT team (called the Tactical Response Team) for the last five years.

Members of TRT receive additional training that enables them to respond to emergency situations in West Windsor and to assist other agencies throughout the county.

To become a member of the team they have to complete a physical fitness test—run a mile, complete pull ups, dips, a sprint, low crawl and body drag—all in SWAT gear. There is also an oral interview and a shooting test to determine accuracy with firearms.

But it is his outgoing personality and service to the community that most West Windsor residents see daily. As a DARE instructor for the past three years, Brown says he enjoys working with students.

“It’s not only about educating them in making positive decisions but it’s also about building bonds with the community that last long after DARE is over,” says Brown.

He has participated in many events, including National Night Out, TRT display and presentation for Girl Scout Night at the Citizens Rifle and Revolver Club, Emergency Vehicle Day at the library, West Windsor Community Day, DARE Splash, Career Day at MCCC, and the Special Olympics Torch Run.

One of his most interesting and memorable events was on Christmas Day in 2009 when he assisted in the birth of a baby during rush hour on Route 1.

Besides the TRT and his various WWPD assignments, Brown is also a police academy instructor. He teaches physical fitness, emergency driving, and courses such as Crime Prevention and Patrol Techniques.

“Teaching at the academy was something that I really wanted to do because I remember the impact that my instructors had on me,” he says. “And I wanted to be able to have a positive impact on new officers, too.”

Brown holds a degree in communications from The College of New Jersey. He lives with his wife Erin, a 4th grade teacher and their two sons, Carter, 5, and Caden, 2.