Parkway School has officially launched this year’s Wee Deliver program, an in-school postal service that gives students the opportunity to practice letter writing and encourages communication throughout the entire school.

The following students were nominated and selected for this year’s program: Vanessa Cirello, Chaz Gilliard, Isa- bella Ceballos, Reggie Shephard, Trent Steever, Tanaya Lassiter, Juan Lugos, Ava Bittner, Kas- sidy Gundy and Kyliyah Townes.

Parkway School has its own mailboxes and all students and staff members are encouraged to participate in the program. The two most important things about “Wee Deliver” are that it is student lead and it is cross-curricular.

In addition, the Wee Deliver Program has had a great impact on the school climate as the students and staff members are excited to send and receive letters.