Concerning the December 11 referendum, some possibly “overzealous” persons have said that people like myself, who were against the original bloated, ill conceived $137 million referendum, were “against our kids,” “against public education,” or even “terrorists.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a proud graduate of Princeton High School. My mom taught in the then-PRS for more than 30 years. My dad served as president of the school board. I and others were just against a financially catastrophic $137 million referendum, proposed on the heels of the poorly executed 2001 school referendum.

If the now scaled down $27 million referendum passes, I hope that there will be an independent oversight committee of the construction, which board members-elect Daniel Dart, Brian McDonald, and others have suggested. I would volunteer to be on such a committee. I am not an expert on construction, but I am a fast learner and I know that you have to watch sub-contractors like a hawk.

Such a panel possibly could acknowledge our differences, and even find some common ground.

— Adam Bierman, Grover Avenue