As a resident of Hopewell Township, which is along the proposed PennEast Pipeline route, I was dismayed to hear that Gov. Phil Murphy attended the ribbon cutting event for a new South Jersey Gas headquarters in Atlantic City. South Jersey Gas is one of the member companies behind the proposed PennEast pipeline, an unneeded and dangerous fossil fuel project that would put New Jersey’s land, air, water, and communities in grave danger if built.

I’ve heard very concerning things about PennEast. They are attempting to use eminent domain to seize 4,300 acres of tax-payer preserved land (in addition to privately-owned land) to build their pipeline, which would put schools, parks, and churches in the “blast zone” in the event of an explosion,damage over 50 streams, and generate harmful emissions equal to 14 new coal plants.

I am supportive of the work that Gov. Murphy has done to move the state toward renewable energy – which is why I am confused that he would support a company seeking to expand polluting fossil fuels in our state. It seems clear to me that construction of the PennEast pipeline would interfere with his goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

Gov. Murphy should not be supporting this dangerous project. New Jersey does not want or need this pipeline.

I am a member of the Hopewell Township Planning Board, but I am writing only as a private citizen.

— Courtney Peters-Manning