Saying good-bye is not an easy thing to do. But saying good-bye to people who have taken excellent care of you and your family for over 30 years is a nearly impossible task.

I know that the current retail industry is undergoing big changes. But losing our family’s trusted pharmacy friends is a punch to the gut for us, not to mention the unexpected life change for them.

QuickCheck Pharmacy, on Pennington Road in Ewing, is closing. I won’t get into the details but suffice it to say that the decision and the breaking of the news to the employees was done with no grace.

We started patronizing the pharmacy when we moved back to Ewing in 1982, mainly because it was directly next door to our family physicians. A no-brainer!

Over the years, I have gotten to know these hard-working people very well. They have gotten my family through some rough times with their dedication, their personal approach and their dogged devotion to excellent customer care.

One of the pharmacy employees was my youngest son Donnie’s pre-school teacher! Another former employee taught both my sons at Incarnation School. I was actually her homeroom mom!

The head pharmacist, Steve, always had a story or joke every time I went in there. I have a (bad and annoying) habit of posting a ton of pictures of my dogs.

Just about every picture I post, the dogs are in the same position, lying together on the couch. Very little variation. (They’re just so cute I can’t help it!)

Well, Steve mentioned my ad nauseum dog picture posting and teased me about it. As soon as I got home, I posted a couple pictures of the dogs to Steve’s Facebook wall with the comment, “Hi, Uncle Steve!”

When our kids were sick, they rushed our prescriptions because they knew what a nervous mother I am. When any of us needed advice on what over-the-counter medicine to buy, they were right on target.

They always went to bat for us with our insurance company. They made sure that we got exactly what we needed, when we needed it, for all those years.

When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure over 10 years ago and put on meds, I remember going there to fill the prescription and crying in front of the pharmacy staff.

It shook me up that at age 49 I needed blood pressure medicine. They reassured me that it was not unusual and that it didn’t mean I was going to drop dead any day now. They made me laugh, so that I ended up walking out of the store with a smile.

They filled my prescription for my first colonoscopy prep kit. When I picked it up, we exchanged stories about the procedure, and I said how nervous I was about it. When I left, they all stood there watching me leave with very serious expressions as if I was going off to war. Looking back, it makes me laugh to picture their faces.

When one of the staff’s grandsons was diagnosed with cancer, many of the customers were very supportive. I remember posting the info on Facebook and asking for prayers for the little boy.

The same with another employee who needed a few surgeries. The staff received support from the community they created with their warm and welcoming customer care.

One of the staff’s daughters got married a few years back. I happened to see a random picture of the bride with her father two days after the wedding and immediately printed it and brought it to him, knowing that he had not seen any pictures yet.

I know that there are excellent pharmacies in Ewing. I’m not worried about that. I am sad that the connection that was forged between me, my family and the staff will no longer exist. I will miss them. I worry about their futures. I hate saying good-bye to one of the most important aspects of my family’s healthcare for years.

Good luck to all the QuickCheck Pharmacy staff. Thank you for your devotion, your compassion, your humor and for taking such good care of us for all those years.