Lamb’s Cork and Boards is one of the newest businesses on Farnsworth Avenue.

The holiday season has officially begun, and now there’s a new studio in Bordentown to create your own seasonal decorations.

Lamb’s Corks and Boards, a paint and sip studio, held its grand opening in September. On Farnsworth Avenue, this studio will sit among established Bordentown shops and restaurants. “We love a lot of the restaurants down there, and we like to support all of the local businesses,” said Gabrielle Lamb, owner of Lamb’s Corks and Boards along with her husband, Charles Lamb.

This family business allows Bordentown residents to take a night on the town, spend an afternoon with friends, or purchase custom-made wood signs. Guests are welcome to bring their own wine while Lamb’s Corks and Boards hosts parties and classes for interested participants to dabble into creating art on wood canvases.

“We’re Bordentown residents and we love to go out on the town when we have the opportunity to do so, not often, because we have two little girls,” Gabrielle said.

After a trip to a similar studio, the Lambs decided that a paint-and-wine business would be a great fit for Bordentown. “One night we were planning a date night out and found somewhere that did something similar, with the wooden signs, and we had a lot of fun doing it and we thought it would be a great addition to Farnsworth,” Gabrielle said.

Once the Lambs realized the potential for a paint and sip studio, they focused on making their idea come to life. “It’s always scary to enter into a new venture, to invest the time and everything that it takes to get a new business off the ground,” Gabrielle said. “We just felt like this would be something really good for our family and for our community. As we started talking to our friends, we saw such a need.”

The paint and sip studio is another nightlife option other than going out to restaurants and other stores. “We were hoping that people would enjoy coming in, making signs, and visiting the town, to make some girls night outs or some date nights,” she said.

Charles will host classes for painting on the wood canvases. This studio offers private parties, which can include birthday parties for kids, fundraisers, and more. They plan to host these parties during the afternoons.

“If a group of girls want to come in, they can decorate a unicorn sign with their name,” Gabrielle said.

Lamb’s Cork and Boards, opened by Gabrielle and Charles Lamb on Farnsworth Avenue in September, has a number of holiday-themed creations for guests to work with.

The Lambs also plan to offer paint nights. A paint night will likely fall on a Saturday night with 24 seats in the studio available. Individuals, pairs, groups of friends are welcome to book seats to relax, get creative, and drink some of their own wine. Individuals looking to work on a project have the ability to do so at Lamb Corks and Boards, and groups can come in and have a fun night with friends.

“We’ll also be doing a lot of seasonal items,” she said. “The holiday season, all present occasions where handcrafted wood signs would add to the decor with a personal touch. Other crafts made can focus on couples and love. Not only for Valentine’s Day, but personal dates and couples names can be added to a wood sign to honor an anniversary or a wedding date.”

For any season or occasion, Bordentown residents now have a chance to display some creativity, make a decoration, and make memories. One unique aspect about Lamb’s Corks and Boards is that instead of standard artist canvases, is that this studio uses wood canvases instead. According to Gabrielle, “wood canvases are also more substantial than the standard canvases.”

Right now, the featured classes and artwork encompass the holiday spirit. All occasions where handcrafted or hand-painted wooden signs would add to the decor with a personal touch. Classes can be booked on their website, along with the different items they can choose and customize.

In addition to providing classes or parties to create personal masterpieces, Charles will also feature and sell his own works. “This is his baby,” Gabrielle said. “He’s always been in the construction industry and having been a carpenter, I think that’s the dynamic of it.”

They will not only be selling wooden signs that Mr. Lamb has made, but wine racks, cork boards, door-wide organizers, too. “It’s going to be all his handmade wooden goods that he’ll be selling in the store when he’s not hosting the party,” she said.

Chuck’s artwork will be featured alongside his grandfather’s, who does his own wood carvings, who helped contribute a lot of his tools to Lamb’s Corks and Boards. There will be a corner of the store reserved for his grandfather’s work, called Grandpa’s Corner, that will feature his hand carvings, too.

Gabrielle was excited about the shop’s grand opening, and is looking forward to showcasing the wooden signs. “I feel like the time is just flying and we’re trying to get everything ready just to feature all of the various pieces that we’ll be selling,” she said.

The couple’s two children, daughters Charlotte, 8, and Genevieve, 5, were looking forward to the shop’s opening, too. “They’re excited about the family business, too,” Gabrielle said, “and it doesn’t hurt that there’s an ice cream shop two doors down, either.”

Both girls are looking forward to being involved with the store, and having the opportunity to bring friends to the shop for paint parties. “It’s been a good experience for the family,” she said.

As for feedback from friends and members of the community, the Lambs have been happy with the responses they’ve received. “We’ve been getting great feedback from the community,” Gabrielle said. They already had a few parties booked a couple of weeks before opening in September.

“I want people to have a fun night out where they can make a memorable piece that is something they’ll feel proud to hang in their homes.”

According to Gabrielle, she is no artist, but she is happy to have the opportunity to create a piece she can be happy with. “I like this because I am able to create something that I love and that’s special to our family,” she said. “It helps you to have these memories always present and right there to share with your friends and family.”