Catherine Jiang

Catherine Jiang, 8th grade student at Community Middle School, played a leading role in a recently released movie called A Different Sun, which is now available on YouTube.

A Different Sun is about a Chinese family (a father, a mother and their only daughter, Ling, played by Jiang) moving from China to Germany with a dream for a better education and better life for the daughter.

Eastern and western cultures clash as the family members all struggle in their own ways. The father is under immense pressure at his job to deliver a new computer platform, while he is constantly cut down by his rival German native programmer; the mother struggles to maintain a semblance of normalcy at home, and the daughter had problems balanccing her school work and her home study work pushed by her mother.

Jiang has also played the role of Rosie in Snakehead, a film that is in post-production and is soon to be released. She was in a national commercial for Spectrum TV in 2018 that was aired on multiple news and cable networks.

She has won a number of awards at the International Modeling and Talent Association, including second place in cold read and third place in screen test.

Jiang also sings and plays piano. She won first place in the My Great Stage competition for singing in 2018. She was invited to perform an original song called “Christmas Hope,” written by Matthew Liu in the winter of 2016 with the Bravura Youth Orchestra. Later that summer, she sang and toured with Bravura in multiple cities across Russia.

Jiang has been singing and performing in senior centers since the age of 9.

Her new original song, “U Get Me,” will be released soon in 150 digital music stores such as Spotify and Apple Music.