I am asking for your vote, not for me but for Dr. Yingchao Zhang. Why, in this, the “Year of the Woman,” am I asking you to vote for a man when there are two women in the race?

Because he is the type of intelligent, business-minded professional that I want to work with on council. We need someone who will ask the questions, push for new solutions, and advocate for our residents. He has a quiet and friendly demeanor but is sharply analytical and balanced in his approach to issues. I have been struck by how YZ, as he likes to be called, is not quick to jump to conclusions, instead gathering information and balancing objectives and outcomes. I believe that his experience as an accomplished business owner and on school board give him the right training, intellect and solution-oriented demeanor and data-driven approach that we need on council.

I know that residents don’t like it when council meetings get heated, and I suspect that I am responsible for much of that heat. You, as residents and taxpayers, are entitled to see how the “sausage gets made,” and that can get messy. However, from dialogue and conflict arise the best possible solutions for our town. And from diverse teams arise the greatest successes. YZ’s diversity lies not in the fact that he is of a different cultural background or that he is a man. He brings a unique business acumen and prior legislative experience to strengthen our team with meaningful contributions.

— Ayesha Hamilton
Hamilton is a member of West Windsor Council

* * *

I would like to express my support for Yingchao “YZ” Zhang for West Windsor Council. During our campaign in Fall 2017, I worked very closely with YZ. I am impressed with YZ’s steadfast work on behalf of all West Windsor residents. He always maintains his principles and integrity. I cannot recommend anyone more strongly than I do YZ.

YZ is a dedicated public servant. As a member of the WW-P school board, YZ served with intelligence and compassion. In addition, he holds a PhD in physics and is an accomplished businessman in IT and sales/marketing. YZ would contribute constructively and collegially to council discussions and decisions.

YZ stands up for the values dear to many West Windsor residents. He is the only candidate who has publicly spoken in favor of gun control in West Windsor and limiting the scope of a police presence in WW-P schools. One candidate said nothing; the other candidate voted with her Republican colleagues and the NRA.

YZ is the only candidate with a viable plan to increase tax revenue in West Windsor through creating increased high tech and incubator office spaces. He has been working with the Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce and Mercer County Community College to build the network of future West Windsor employers. The other candidates have no plans.

YZ is the only candidate who thinks about how and why empty nesters and senior citizens are a valuable part of the fabric of West Windsor. Quality of life and services are part of his realistic platform. The other candidates are silent.

YZ is the only candidate who has spoken in favor of alternative energy. As a physicist and IT professional, YZ creates optimized solutions every day. He plans for our future and the future of our children. One candidate said nothing; the other candidate voted with her Republican colleagues against alternative energy.

— Kristin Epstein, West Windsor

* * *

Three candidates are running for West Windsor Council, but only one has the qualifications, commitment and experience needed to serve our town: Yingchao “YZ” Zhang. I have known YZ for many years. We first met as fellow parent volunteers in the Cub Scouts and have remained friendly ever since. He is a long-time resident of West Windsor who has served our town through volunteer and community activities, most recently as a member of the WW-P school board.

Although I have always respected and liked YZ, I did not always agree with him on issues, most notably regarding some positions he espoused while still a candidate for the school board. However, when YZ was elected to the board, he took responsibilities to represent the entire district community very seriously. He carefully studied every issue before casting a vote, and, to his great credit, changed his position on certain curriculum issues because it was the right thing to do—even if it cost him constituent support.

In so doing, YZ showed tremendous courage and integrity, and my respect for him likewise increased. As an elected public official, YZ was not afraid to reconsider his position when the facts warranted it. He demonstrated growth and the ability to consensus-build, and put the needs of all students first. These are admirable qualities that YZ will bring to the township council, and this is why I am supporting him.

— Sue Roy, West Windsor