As a proud homeowner and resident of West Windsor and father of WW-P elementary and middle school students, I wholeheartedly support Jyotika Bahree to extend her term as councilwoman. It’s no secret from the national political scenario that deep understanding of policy implementation and rules and regulations of administrative office is extremely important. One can keep making promises, painting the rosy picture and blaming others, but driving in a front seat to solve problems requires knowledge, experience and learning, which Jyotika has acquired and been successfully delivering results since she was nominated to council almost 1.5 years ago.

On council, Jyotika is working with the administration to design the key components of the housing plan and adequately and efficiently meet the affordable housing obligation. She is an aggressive advocate of no-vaping in West Windsor and the country. Her efforts towards creating awareness has helped numerous families and kids. Jyotika is a management graduate from one of top institutes globally who has left her plum corporate career for public service.

She has been highly successful in leveraging knowledge and experience towards a greater efficiency in the use of our tax dollars and safeguarding West Windsor residents’ interests. She is a non-partisan candidate who puts community interest first and foremost. She is well-versed in policies and procedures so she has been, and will be, able to channel the council efforts towards benefits of community. Be that stricter gun-control, child safety, stronger public-police relationship, safety at all levels, volunteer work in practically all the West Windsor events, she leads by the example. Jyotika Bahree represents residents interests with no ulterior motive and stands by it.

— Aman Gupta, West Windsor

* * *

Jyotika Bahree can be counted as a person who is willing to implement common sense sustainability practices in our township. I recently had the occasion to observe Jyotika’s dedication to the environmental cause.

At the West Windsor Food Truck and Beer Festival, Jyotika took the initiative to coordinate with Clean Water Action to borrow their reusable food baskets for food service, to reduce the trash generated from single-use disposable containers at the festival. As the council liaison to the West Windsor Parking Authority, it was encouraging to see her take the lead and work across groups such as the West Windsor Environmental Commission and High School volunteers. Their joint effort helped to keep more than 400 disposable containers out of the trash.

— Anita Ramachandran, West Windsor

* * *

I have known Jyotika Bahree not only as a fellow resident, but also as my junior at a rigorous undergraduate program that also counts Dr. Gita Gopinath (the new chief economist of the IMF) as an alum. Over the years, I have watched Jyotika step up from being an active volunteer in the school district to serving on the West Windsor Zoning Board to becoming a council member.

I can attest to her real passion for serving and for doing the right thing by the residents of the town. I have been impressed to see just how much time and effort she puts into each of her roles and have witnessed her professionalism in making sure that she read every page of inches-thick material so that her vote on the zoning board or the council would be well-informed.

Jyotika’s platform is clearly articulated on her website, but I can vouch for how deeply she cares about the issues she is running on. Moreover, collaboration and non-partisanship are not just slogans for her. She has a deep commitment to working with everyone and to keeping discussions issue-based, civil and free of political agenda.

Even in private, she does not have a negative word for anyone, including her opponents and refuses to engage in discussions that are not constructive. She thinks dispassionately and true to her training as an economist, carefully weighs issues based on costs and benefits rather than being swung by emotions or driven along party lines. We all wish more qualified people with the right motivations would run for office. Jyotika is exactly such a person and West Windsor residents will be well served by having her looking out for us and our town.

— Shachi Chopra-Nangia, West Windsor

* * *

Jyotika Bahree has worked with the West Windsor Parking Authority as council liaison since January. During this time Jyotika has demonstrated her ability to work with a diverse team to get things done by being open minded, fair and proactive. She has gone beyond being a liaison to constructively participating not only in discussions but all parking authority activities. For more than two years the parking authority has been working with the township on a new ticketing system. With Jyotika’s participation we have made significant progress in the last few months.

Recently when the parking authority held a food truck festival, Jyotika seized the opportunity to make it an environmental event. She got a group of high school students involved to run a “rethink disposable” project. The kids persuaded food vendors and visitors to use recyclable baskets instead of disposable containers and the event was a great success.

With her positive attitude and ability to work with others even when the issue involved is difficult, Jyotika has impressed all of the parking authority members.

Andy Lupo

Lupo is chairman of the West Windsor Parking Authority

* * *

As a sitting member of the council, Jyotika Bahree has proved to be an independent and dedicated representative, for whom the township’s priorities have always come first. Jyotika has taken clear positions on a number of issues and has not shied away from debating controversial topics that have a bearing on our community.

Her arguments in township meetings show that she takes the time to understand all nuances of a subject and articulates her opinions with great responsibility and fairness. She is committed to delivering results, and working constructively in a team to ensure that West Windsor utilizes its resources in an efficient and optimal manner. While Jyotika’s academic credentials are noteworthy, her real strength lies in her ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems, and in her tireless volunteering at West Windsor community events.

Details of initiatives introduced and supported by Jyotika are available on her website. However, I would like to highlight a few of her achievements during her tenure as a councilwoman.

She has taken a strong stand in trying to lower the number of affordable housing units required from our community, so that our schools and infrastructure are not stressed. She has been the driving force in building awareness to the dangers of vaping amongst our children, and has initiated a vaping ordinance that will bar/restrict school age children from purchasing vaping products.

Jyotika understands that a community that has grown as fast as West Windsor has needs to constantly upgrade its roads and infrastructure. To that end, her vote to allocate almost $11 million towards such projects is greatly appreciated and welcome.

I have been a resident of West Windsor for the past 18 years, and have seen the town grow and flourish to become a magnet for people who value education, open space and a friendly community. To ensure that West Windsor continues to be a highly desirable and high quality town, we need to elect a council member who is completely invested in our town’s welfare.

I can’t think of a better person for West Windsor Council than Jyotika Bahree, who has invaluable experience in tackling our issues, and who has a proven track record of delivering tangible results. Her commitment to bring an unbiased and objective perspective to the table is truly welcome.

— Kalpana Raman, West Windsor

* * *

This November election is not only about federal, state and county positions, but involves a seat on the West Windsor Township Council. Unlike the other races, the West Windsor town government is thankfully non-partisan. I feel very strongly that one of the candidates, Councilwoman Jyotika Bahree, embodies that spirit. She will continue to both move our town forward and protect it from outside interests.

Jyotika has been serving on council for more than a year, and during that time she has worked diligently on issues that matter the most to our quality of life in West Windsor: Preventing large scale residential development, minimizing the impact of affordable housing decisions, increasing open space and improving our infrastructure. She has started an initiative to combat the major vaping problem in our schools. We need her experience and willingness to work with the mayor and all members of council on these important matters.

I have personally worked with Jyotika on several environmental projects. She approaches everything intelligently, analytically and does her own research. She has no axe to grind or political party to please with grandstanding but comes to her own conclusions based on facts. Jyotika is an independent thinker.

— Andrea Mandel, West Windsor